Starting off as a livestreamer can seem really scary if you look at the expensive gear that your favorite personalities are using. No come here. Today we will discuss the best live streaming setup for pubg mobile.

As someone with over 12 years of experience in this industry it is not about how highresolution your camera is or how crystal clear your audio is. It's about the content and engaging your audience. You can deal with the rest of that stuff once you start generating some income.

So today we're gonna show you guys how for really cheap or even free, if you're willing to get a little bit hackey. You can create a complete streaming flash video recording set up to kick start your hobby, or even a career in online content creation.

Once you're streaming, you're gonna want some sick visuals to accompany your content, For today we're gonna assume that you're looking to livestream and that you intend to use a face cam. If you're planning on filming VOD content, or if you wanna stream without a camera, you shouldn't have a problem adapting these tricks for your specific setup or just skipping over the portions you don't need.

Best Gaming Headphones for Pubg Mobile 2020

Most people's first thoughts when it comes to video is the ubiquitous Logitech C920S, but at nearly $70, it's not the kind of thing that I would consider to be an impulse purchase. Now you can go all the way down the product stack where Logitech C270 can be had for around 25 bucks. But with image quality reminiscent of a laptop webcam, it's kind of like throwing money away, because you will have to replace it eventually.

Fortunately, there's probably a camera that's better than most webcams sitting in your pocket right now, your phone. Now I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing this forever due to wear and tear on both your battery, and your device from the heat. And it is a little annoying to set up every time, but using your phone is an awesome way to get really high quality visuals without spending any extra money.

If you rock an Android phone, download the IP Webcam App from the Play Store, and once booted up, enter the listed IP for your device into your web browser, copy the URL, and paste it into OBS as a browser source while adding forward slash video to the end.

Set it to refresh the source when the scene becomes active so you have a quick way to reset the feed if need be. And we'd also recommend setting the resolution to 720p under Advanced, along with turning down the stream quality to make sure you're not pushing your phone CPU too hard.

That'll at least help keep heat under control. On iOS you can achieve practically the same thing with an app called DroidCam. You'll have to download their software and install it on your PC, enter the IP there, and then you can just add it as a video capture device in OBS.

It should default to 480p, so run their HD Mode programas admin and select 720p if you so desire. Now comes the question of how to mount the phone? If you have a coat hanger kicking around, you can do some bending and make a simple desktop stand, or if you have a shelf or desk ledge above your monitor, some tape or a clamp can work pretty well as well.

If you're willing to spend a few dollars phone tripods can be had on AliExpressfor just a few dollars and are a little bit more user friendly. And bam, there you go, video. Well mostly. Relying on just your monitor to light your face can be a little jarring for your audience, because dark scenes in your game will make it hard to see you and sudden bright lights can blow you out.

A common fix for this isa set of cheap soft boxes like this Neewer kit on Amazon, but it's got a problem. It's almost $90, and it requires a fair bit of space to rig up. So once again, we've got a free or at least nearly free option. Try using an old lamp that you have kicking around the house paired with ideally a halogen light bulb.

These are better than fluorescent for getting consistent and true to life colors out of your camera. But beware, if you put them right next to you, the light will probably be too harsh, so try using wax paper or some other kind of translucent material as a diffuser, or alternately, you can just bounce them off a wall to soften the light.

Just be careful when you're setting it up, because halogen bulbs can get pretty hot and you don't wanna start a fire. For that reason, this is actually one case where we'd recommend spending a few bucks. Clamp lights like these from your local hardware store, can make things a lot easier, because they can clamp right to your monitor stand or a nearby shelf and they're powerful enough to penetrate a diffusion layer or bounce off the wall.

All right so the video stream is looking great so far, but what about audio? Well if you have a gaming headset, that has a mic attached to it. That's a great starting option. If you don't and you aren't looking to spend any money, both of the apps that we mentioned earlier have audio streaming options through your phone. For the IP Camera app, copy the opus audio stream URL and paste into OBS as a media source. And if you're using DroidCam, it will register as a system audio device.

So just set it up as amic in the OBS settings. Finally, you'll need to implement a Render Delay filter on your video feed to get them synced up. Now that's decent. But because of the style of microphone built into most phones, chances are that you're gonna pick up a lot of keyboard and background noise. It's probably fine for when you're just getting started, but one of your first investments should be something like the Fifine K669, which we actually featured a while back in our cheap mic roundup.

For just $34, it's pretty hard to beat, and look it even comes with a cute little stand-e-stand. Put all that together then and bam. You've spent somewhere between zero and $50 dollars on what I think is a fairly competent streaming setup here. All that's left is to get your stream key, fire up your games, get some snacks, and put some liquids in water bottle.

They offer complete overlay and stream design packages as well as sub emotes,badges, logos, avatars, and more. Using their tools, you can cater designs for whatever platform you stream on and all of it can be used with your favorite software like Streamlabs and OBS. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta get back to my gaming.

Gamers like gamers! That's pretty sweet. I mean you don't want anybody, you don't want anybody to see your lighting setup. You got your light pointed at the wall. You got your whatever this is. Hold on a second, what is this? Here's your lamp. Oh, oh, I might have dropped it. Okay I think I clicked it. - See you later.

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