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You can put candy right in the brush they fit perfectly under the bristles now when you have a sugar hand grain simply brush your hair huh hand it over whatever oops i can't erase with this thing hmm did i leave my big eraser at home i'll use this don't use that take this one what this isn't an eraser it's holding my nerds.

i want some i'll show you how it's done start by taking the eraser out using a blade cut a small portion of the end off then cut a middle section and put the middle aside now put the larger end in its wrapper but not all the way here is where you drop in candy don't forget to close it i'm going to erase these hunger pains.

all right so good whoa lily i sure hope you're wearing a seatbelt on that ride hey my book oh man i totally lost myplace thanks a lot lily yikes feel bad yet lily will there may be a way to make it up toher and all you need is a paperclip take a regular paperclip like this one and bend the ends up and inward.

Human Blood VS Snake Venom

see how it kind of looks like an x once you've done one you can do the same thing to other paper clips of different colors oh you're so cute hey amy check this out with this little guy you'll never lose your place again oh it looks like a little heart yes i'm off the hook and i made some extras for myself too finally the last class of the day okay let's get situated here i'll definitely need all these.

i should have known that would happen ohno here comes amy hey watch out girl oh man there she goes jeez what are you trying to do kill me something i didn't need to i swear it's all right in fact i think i know how to solve this problem have an empty bottle lying around take a blade and cut the bottle open just below.

the neck be sure to watch those hands next take a free-staining zipper and unzip it about halfway down on one strip of the fabric put a line of hot glue but be careful not to get it on your fingers before it dries and press the fabric with glue again.

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the inside of the bottom half of the bottle you already cut now take your pens and markers and stick them right inside the makeshift pencil case those puppies are safe and sound nowneed to borrow a marker lily.

oh so sweet thank you why buy an expensive case at the store when you can make one as cute as this one right at home ah look at these students hard at work but nothing can spoil good workflow like an empty glue bottles come on there's gotta be something left in this thing ugh amy is totally wasting her time.

okay hand it over you just need a man's strength to get this stuff out trust me okay just give me a minute heremission major muscle strength now commencing still squeezing okay there's gotta be a better way to do this i know there's still glue in here.

oh that glue is ready to come out and itis angry oh man i just wanted a glove not full on glue hands well that's some man strength for you if your glue caps are getting clogged up with dried glue put them in a bowl and give them a little bath pour regular old oil on all the caps making sure they're completely.

submerged now let them soak for a while so the glue can get loosened bow with a napkin wipe off each cap one at a time see no nasty glue crust in sight finally no more pressurized glue mishaps to worry about when you're working on your next masterpiece just clean streaming glue right where you need it oh man i thought that glue was never gonna get off my hands get that evil thing away from me.

Best Method to do Video Streaming in 120FPS

hey kevin looks like amy made it to class by the skin of her teeth she's nearly 10 minutes late what's kevin working on over there wait today's not circle day is it oh no i totally forgot to bring my tools come on i've got to have something perhaps these markers could save the day to make your own compass put your finger in place on a piece of paperas you draw around it with your hand if you hold things steadily enough.

you can get a perfect circle yes this looks amazing you never guess this was a freehand circle would you whoa even the teacher is full wow that skateboarder totally ate it oops sorry teach i'll put it away looks like you'll have to say the rest of that video for after school unless i have the best idea my mind if we do the old faux watching trick we practiced next time you need to watch a video in class.

try getting some help from the person in front of you simply put the phone case underneath your friend's shirt like this now stick your phone in the case with the shirt still in between be sure to make sure it's in tight hey what was that oh seriously kevin don't forget your friend is still attached to that thing better make sure the volume is off on that thing or you'll definitely.

Biggest 17x17x17 Rubik Cube

give yourself away kevin what are you doing back there i better go see what's going on quick hide the evidence oh hey mrs appleby what brings you to this side of the classroom that could have been really bad okay amy we're in the clear another afternoon another art project hey girl you don't mind if i work on my painting in here.

do you first i gotta lay out all my supplies oh hello paint palette and what kind of painter would i be without my brush man how am i supposed to use this thing now i don't have time to go out and buy new brushes today hey are those q-tips over there i wonder if these could work as well as my brush i'm just gonna borrow these for one second okay.

hey i need those oh a toothbrush can work too okay with these materials i'm finally ready to dive into this for this art hack you'll need a nice big piece of white paper and a bunch of q-tips tied together with a rubber band like this go ahead and dip the bundle into a giant glob of paint it's okay.

If it's unevenly distributed once that's done blot it onto the page in random spots for accent colors just use one q-tip and dip it into the color of your choice and among a sea of green dots a couple streaks of reddish-brown can turn it into a full-blown treetry using toothbrush bristles to help create realistic texture in your paintings as well using small strokes.

you can emulate actual blades of grass see want to check out my latest work of art wow you're really like a modern day monet last thing you have to do is find a nice place on the wall to showcase your masterpiece because you're gonna want to look at it all the time painting the walls may seem easy but it's actually a bit more complicated that.

it looks hey watch out for the paintdid i just step barefoot into a bowl of paintew what the heck am i supposed to do now wellthat's what happens when you never look up from your stupid phone bellaactually i think i have the perfect solutiontake a long piece of masking tape and place it diagonally above the stains like.

this now add more of the same color paint in the area with a sponge or brush once you're done remove the tape add more tape in this design before adding more color the same or a different shade to the area now it's time to let the paint dry view looks like i'm just about finished time.

to finally take a load off these tired tootsies oh yeah that feels good whoa bella when did you have time to go shopping why go shopping when you can turn your own clothes into your late start project in fact why not do something creative with this extra bit of paint.

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