I'm gonna teach you exactly what that is in this video. Now, if you've already built social bookmark links or you're thinking about doing it, don't worry, because I'm gonna teach you some of the best link building alternatives in 2020 to this, so that you can grow yoursite, boost your rankings and drive more traffic with link building.

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Now, just to quickly recap, what is Social Bookmarking and how does it impact your rankings? Well, when it comes to link building, this is essentially getting back a link from a social media site to your site.

And the idea is that social media sites carry a lot of authority. So if you get a link from them, that's gonna boost your rankings too. And you know, you could use sites like, Reddit, like Twitter,like Dick, like Dribbble. All these sort of social media sites to get more backlinks to yours.

But this is a very old school LinkedIn as far as gee, that's actually outdated. And Google came out and said,this is a form of spamming. It's not gonna help your site rank. And you know, Google's algorithm is smart enough to see.

Okay, if you're getting backlinks from lots of social media sites and using social bookmarking as a link building strategy, it's not going to help your site. In fact, it could do more harm than good.

And in the end, Google mayMark those links as spam. It may see your site as spam, and you may even get a penalty. Which means that your rankings slip down even further.

So you have to be very careful about using social bookmarking. So does social bookmarking actually impact your rankings and benefit your SEO? Well, the answer is, of course, no. It's not gonna help you.

And chances are thatGoogle's algorithm is gonna recognize social bookmarking sites. And then say, right, we're gonna ignore those links because they're low quality.

Anyone can get them and there's no editorial process in place. So therefore, these backlinks that you're getting are not natural. They don't form a natural part of your backlinks profile and it's not gonna help boost your rankings.

And there are much more effective strategies in place, which we'll come onto soon. Usually also these social media sites are not relevant to your niche.

So if you're getting a backlink from Twitter and you have a website about dogs, then that's not a relevant site. it's not a relevant backlinks and it's not gonna pass any authority.

Plus most of these links are not followed. And that means that there's no follow tag in the link. Which indicates specifically, if you're a search engineCrawler, ignore this link, don't pass in your authority.

Don't count it as a signal of trust. So if you have lots of no follow links, it doesn't really help you in terms of ranking. So Google is not gonna help boost your site. Now, at the same time.

If you have a social media profile with a strong following, and it gets a lot of engagement you post on there regularly. Sure. That's a good signal of authority.

But if you're just going out there and spamming lots of social bookmarking sites, and just adding your backlinks. Maybe you are using both to do it. Then that's not gonna help your rankings. It's not natural. It's not editorial.

Anyone can do it. And if anyone can do it, that means it's not an exclusive link. So therefore it's not gonna benefit you. Now, if you've experimented with social bookmarking links, or you're just not sure, what are the best type of links for your site?

Then here's a good rule of thumb. If there's no editorial process in place to add to your backlinks, then it's not valuable for your site. It's not gonna help your rankings. And Google is going to identify it as spam or just ignore it completely.

So, when you get in back links, always focus on building a backlinks profile that looks natural. That actually indicates authority and trust. And you know, if you look at any of the big sites, you get a lot of traffic.

They always have a natural backlinks profile because they're producing great content. And if you have great content, then you're always gonna attract links. Whether you do outreach or whether you get them naturally.

So what is the bestLinkedIn and strategy to use and said why? I would say focus on getting editorial links to your site, using The Skyscraper Technique. Because, what you will do here is you will look at your competitors, how are they getting links.

Who's linking to them. And then you'll create a better piece of content than you competitors and say to other sites, Hey, I don't know if you're linked to Joeblogs.com.

Maybe you want to link to me too. Here's my content. What do you think? And this way you will get editorial links from website owners. And you'll be getting links because your content is good.

Not because you're spamming lots of social media bookmarking sites. So this is a much more powerful and effective way to get links. Plus, the links that you drive with the Skyscraper Technique for example, are Dofollow.

And when your links are Dofollow, that actually passes authority, trust and credibility from the site backlinks to you, to your site. And if you do that enough times, eventually you're gonna see a big improvement in your overall website authority and your rankings on Google.

Now, what I will say is that social media still plays a powerful part in your LinkedIn strategy and your SEO strategy overall. Because, if you have a large following on social media, maybe have an Instagram page and it's got 20,000 followers.

They're all engaging with your content or sharing it. They will like, and comment on your content. Then that's a great indicator of trust, authority and credibility to your site.

So if Google sees that, then sure, that demonstrates authority. But at the same time, if you're using social bookmark link building and you're just spamming lots of social bookmarking sites, adding your back links. Mindlessly doing it.

And it's not really relevant, then that's just spam. And that's not an indicator of trust. So you have to differentiate between the two. Building a social media following is very powerful for SEO.

It indicates authority. Doing lots of social bookmarking and maybe automating the process with software is very bad for your site because it doesn't have a natural following. And really you're doing spam. You're not growing an audience.

So if you're going to use social media for SEO, then focus on growing your following. Build a real audience. Focus on engagement. Because engagement metrics such as likes, comments and followers are powerful for SEO.

That indicates trust. It grows your brand on the internet. And it creates an audience that you can actually share content to. And they're gonna share with their friends or their family and that sort of thing too.

What you need to avoid is social media bookmark link building. Where you just spam lots of sites, adding your link, automating the process,of hiring a VA to do it. Because that's very mindless. And it's only going to hurt you in the long run or waste a lot of time.

So thanks for watching guys. If you have any questions about social media link building or SEO in general, let me know in the comments section below.

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