Hey there so if you have been wondering how you can generate leads and sell from quora i'm gonna go ahead and show that to you.

Okay so quora if you're not under a rock you know what kara's but if you don't quora is pretty much like yahoo answers remember that right does it it's like this yeah.

It does it doesso it's like yahoo answers but like like you know a thousand times betterpretty much so pretty much quora has theseyou know categories that we call spaces and they're like sales webinarpets sex whatever your phones in a programming.

So they pretty much have a space or category for your customers so pretty much let's say you're into sales or you're into meditation right and you have something to sell then what you do if you go there to that space and then you help people out who are asking questions.

They're like genuine questions right and you help them out hoping that they'll reach out to you on your profile to buy your books to you know have a consultation or buy your products okay things like that and let me show you how it actually works.

Okay so i'm gonna go ahead and put myself on the side for a bit and what you do is this is quora.comright so once you get up here the first thing that you want to do if you want to go to a space now once you go to spaces you want to find your space.

Now your space could be let's see let's go to cl space now your space could be meditation it could be dogs pets whatever you're interested in that's your space okay so for example let's go here and as you can see these are all startups entrepreneurship.

These are all spaces or categories so pick yours so for example okay so for example uh like i don't know world history deep business motivation let's find i'll go to i'll go to my favorite one my favorite one is gonna be entrepreneurship.

I'm gonna go home and on the left I'll see my favorite one. It's somewhere here should be or i can just type it up e entrepreneurship rightor space you can go to topic or space pretty much the same thing now.

Once you go right the next step is just look through now you will see that a lot of people have asked a question right and somebody has answered it now if the answer is good it's going to get something called the meaning.

Hey this is like a like button for your answer now if you help people out what's gonna happen is you know your answer is gonna get popular and more people will see your response meaning more people are gonna see your profile now on your profile.

You're gonna put something like this i'm gonna go to myprofile and on your profile what you need to be doing is like this watch okay so for example i'm collecting leads on my profile so when somebody goes here.

Entrepreneur kid what the hell is that right and hey what is it it's like you know it's alink where i'm generating leads okay as you can see you can do that now next up you can go ahead and put your links to your site and your books.

Whatever you sell whatever you offer put it here okay don't put it uh don't put it on the actual answer because if you do that you're pretty much you know you're not helping people out remember you have to help people out you have to give value.

Before you can expect to receive something in return so the idea is to give something like your knowledge right you know what you know you know a lot about your topic you give that back to people okay normal people genuine.

Okay you're not trying to advertise because if you advertise people are gonna download you and your answer won't appear on the top simple as that it's not gonna do you any good okay and once you offer people genuine answers you know you can embed a little bit of information about your products.

And things like that but don't overdo it don't ever overdo it let me show you an example okay so let's go here so for example somebody says what is a swipe file and how can i use it on my project right i commented saying.

Hey you know so ifile files this this this this i tell you so much about it now i do give out link to my site that's okay but make sure it's you're not overdoing it okay let's go look at more so somebody saidon here i'm gonna put myself here it's better here so how would you maximize a revenue for for a podcast.

Okay so as you can see on right here i answered the question i do i give out so many goodies for free right here but guess what it all leads to my lead magnets or my profile or somewhere where i'm going to benefit as well keep in mind.

I'm not sucking the blood out, I'm actually giving out to the community and to the people because when you give out to the people and they trust you know you're going to gain their trust and then they'll come to you now since I've been using quora.

For all these years you know my business i'll tell you this so people have bought more of my books people have followed me on instagram people reach out to me on email for consulting work.

People just know hey they see me as a person who's trying to help out and that's what you should do okay don't try to overdo it like you know if you're like i'll buy this buy that it's gonna get deleted.

One by the admins and also number two people don't like that people don't like so what you have to understand is if you know these days it's not you can't say hey buy my phone buy my phone it's not gonna work what you have to do is hey with this phone you.

Know you can take great pictures. This picture can help you know how to make your wife feel better. See what I did. That's one or number two teaches something about your product, something about your industry that nobody else knows.

That guy is that girl who is knowledgeable and willing to give away those nuggets, be that person okay and then once you do that it's simple once you post it you're gonna get you you'll be rewarded for it for years and years to come okay.

Let's move on let me show you more as you can see so i do uh email marketing right so for example so for example this one likes someone who's somebody was asking how to make money right i giveaway links to my youtube videos you can do that okay but make sure that you actually.

Embed it you don't actually linkout because remember quora wants people to stay in quora so don't you know put a link to youtube or your site put it in there because once people find you and once people know who you are they'll come to you no matter what simple as.

That let's move on and yeah see this is the one this is so i own a company called podme righthand and i teach people about podcasting so i answered some questions about podcasting and guess what it was voted up people saw more about it they came to my youtube.

They came to my site they bought from me. They became my customer because I was willing to give away my knowledge. Remember you can , you can never know if you know something or if you have knowledge about something, share it because it's gonna inspire somebody.

It's gonna help somebody else out so that's always a bonus point for you so that's how i use quora in my business to bring me more leads and sales i hope that you know that works out for you as well.

If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and comment on the comment below what if you have a question and thank you so much and have a great day.

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