How to insert a Dexcom Sensor 2020 | What is Dexcom sensor

Hi there today I'm going to show you how to insert a Dexcom sensor easily and pain-free. It's a doable seven-step process I find most can do and if you include my step one your sensor might even stay on longer.

I've been living with type 1 diabetes since 97and I've been wearing a continuous glucose monitor or a CGMsince 2014 and I really think the CGM technology has come far, it's become way more accurate and lasts longer and.

The insertion process has definitely improved so today I'm going to show you how to insert a Dexcom G6 sensor if you wear a G5 don't worry about it Ihave another video on how to do that and I'll leave the link down below.

The Dexcom sensor is only FDA approved for wear on the stomach, however, I prefer to wear it on my arm so that's what I'm going to show you today so let me take you through those seven steps to insert your Dexcom sensor so that you can get up and running fast.

This is all you'll need you'll need an alcohol swab a new sensor and your transmitter that'sa little grey device step one you really don't want to miss that gets your alcohol swab out and really clean the skin where you want to insert the sensor okay.

So if that's on your stomach it's on your stomach okay so it's important to clean the skin to make sure that you know any body oils or you know dead skin cells or whatever gets removed so just let that dry don't touch.

It just let it dry so while you do that get out your sensor here we go so it comes in this box so next step you simply take it out of the box there you go put that away and then you want to peel away the paper just like a band-aid look.

At this peel away the paper save the part with a little code on okay so this is sticky so don't touch that so now you're going to place it wherever you want your sensor remember once you place it it's placed okay so again.

I want it on my arm I place itI push a little bit okay so right now there's no needle it's just sticking to my skin look at that okay next step you want to remove the safety latch so that little orange part so you can do that with one finger just push that to the side go and.

Now that's gone now we're ready to actually insert the sensor you do that by just pushing the big orange button okay so let's do that there you go I Just inserted my sensor and I remove this server so put that away so next up you want to smoothen out the tape okay.

Just make sure that it's actually sticking to your skin there you go and as you saw no pain and it's on there so last step you want to get out your transmitter I always like to clean them first so Ijust clean this with the alcohol swab as well so what you want to think about here is look at this sensors.

You see there's a pointy part and there's sort of the fat around part so you want to start by putting the pointy part into your sensor so when you look at your sensor so you see this two little dots down here that's where we want to start so you're gonna put the pointy end like.

This point is okay there we go I put that in and then I simply click it in so listen click there we go and we just inserted a Dexcom G6 sensor there you go next you want to start the sensor in either your receiver or your app on your phone.

Simply open the Dexcom app and it will say new sensor so click that next you can either manually enter that code for that piece of paper that was on your sensor remember I said save this because the code is on here you either enter that manually or.

You can simply take a photo with your phone. It will walk you through how to start the sensor. You just click yes and click start sensor and you'll get that blue circle that'll tell you that the two hour warm-up has started. Your sensor will need to warm up fortwo hours.

Which basically means that you won't get any readings for those first two hours. It's simply calibrating. You don't need to enter any fingersticks or anything, just wait it out after the two hours you'll start receiving your blood sugar numbers either on your phone or on.

Your receiver on your pump or whatever you set it toI hope you enjoy your Dexcom sensor and .on how to easily remove it once a 10 day period is up.

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