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Today you're gonna discover how to set up Lemlistfor cold email outreach. Now, this is a proven,easy step-by-step blueprint for setting up Lemlistin in just a few minutes so that you can boost your deliverability, open rates, and your reply rates.

It's important to set up Lemlist the right way. Otherwise, your open rates will be very low, which means that no one will ever see your outreach emails. So instead, I'm gonna teach you the tips and tricks to set up this piece of software the right way.

And make sure you watch all the way to the end to discover exactly how to set up Lemlist to optimize your deliverability and boost your results of cold email.

All right, so let's just jump straight in, and I'll show you exactly how to use Lemlist. So the first thing you're gonna do if you haven't already is just go and then create an account here. This takes about two minutes.

And if you just wanna test this out and see how it goes, then that's the best way to do it. Okay, so once you're signed in, the first thing you're gonna do is start adding your email provider and the tracking domain. Okay? So you're gonna go over to settings over here. Then go to the email provider.

And what I recommend doing is using a G Suite account. And that's mainly because I found I get the best deliverability with G Suite. They have about 500 emails that you can send per day.

And for overall deliverability, it's probably the best tool to use. So if you click on connect to Google Account, you start setting it up. And the thing is as well you wanna use a G Suite account over a Gmail account because with Gmail, if you're sending a lot of cold email outreach, you're gonna get blocked pretty quickly by Gmail.

And they're not gonna like that. So instead use G Suite. It's a paid service, butfor a few dollars a month, you're gonna boost your email deliverability, get better results, and save yourself a lot of time as well.

So that's why I recommend using the G Suite account over a Gmail account. Next up, you also wanna make sure that you have a tracking custom domain in place before you start sending emails because this will really help to boost your email deliverability.

'Kay? And if you don't know how to set this up, you can click on the FAQ here on Lemlist, and they actually have an article that teaches you exactly how to set up a custom tracking domain.

And whichever website hosting service you're using right now, you can click on here and learn exactly how to set that up. But basically, once you've done that, you can plug into tracking custom domains here.

It'll help boost your deliverability, and it's something you should definitely add if you haven't already. Now, once you've done that, simply go to all under campaigns, and then click create a new campaign here.

And if you're gonna have a lot of email campaigns, what I'd recommend doing is naming it correctly because otherwise it's gonna be hard to organize, 'kay? So I'm gonna type in meditation outreach here, so I know exactly what the campaign's about.

Then we click next. From here, what you should do is upload a CSV. Okay? So I've got a CSV here. Here's all the merge fields. And also, when you're setting up Lemlist campaigns and you're uploading the CSV,what you wanna do is make sure that your emails are always in column A.

I've noticed sometimes if you upload it and you don't have the emails in column A, it probably doesn't work. Okay, so it's just a bit of a bug. So if you're using Google Sheets like me, go to file, click download. Download that as a CSV. And then we can drag and drop it here, 'kay, just like that.

So it's super simple to upload your CSV file into Lemlist. And the other thing is as well is that when you're setting up your merge fields, just assign them at the top row, kay? So for example their name, the blog title, the URL that I'm promoting for example. And as you can see, it's all set up and ready to go.

And once you've done that, you can set up your merge fields here. So these are all custom variables I've used. And once you're ready, just click on next. But before you do that actually, if you've got multiple campaigns and you don't want to email the same person over and over again, then what you can do is actually remove duplicate email addresses from your import file and from any other campaigns existing.

So if you don't wanna email the person from two different campaigns, then you can easily set that up by using this option here. And it will just stop you annoying people by emailing the same person over and over again on different campaigns.

Then we'll click next. Next up, we're gonna set up the email copy for the campaign. And we've already got that on the sheet here. And it's a three-step piece of copy. So it's an email funnel with different steps. So we just add them by clicking, and it adds a new step here.

And then you can also set up the delay between the emails you send. So if you want to sort of drip feed the email campaign, which I usually do, then you can wait seven days between each email that you send. And then you can just plug in your email copy here.

So you click a blank email. Now, when you're writing the email copy, you can include merge fields from your CSV file, right? So for example their name, their URL, my URL, and you can have a backupfield for that as well.

So if you don't have the person's name, then you can put it for you or hey or something like that, right? So you've got some backup text there if you don't have the person's name. And then all you have to do is just paste this in if you pop it in there.

And we'll paste this in here. Perfect, right? Now, a new thing as well you might notice is that I've added an email signature here. So we're gonna set that up later. And I'll show you exactly how to do it, so make sure you watch all the way to the end before we jump into that. And then we're just gonna paste in the rest of the email copy.

Pick email, and then we'll paste it in. Now, a new thing as well is that if you wanna keep the same subject line, you don't wanna create multiple email threads when you're emailing people, then you can leave the subject blank here, which is what I always do.

Then we paste in the third piece of the email copy. And that's it. Sending your email copy is as simple as that. Doesn't take much time, and, yeah, you can just easily paste it in from Google Docs or MicrosoftWord or that sorta thing.

And then you can start setting up your sending schedule. Now, what I'd usually do isuse New York office hours. And I usually limit the number of emails I'm sending to just 30 a day.

And that's simply because when you're first sending an email campaign, you wanna warm it up slowly and gradually. You don't wanna start sending out hundreds of emails straight away on the first day because that may look very spammy to email providers.

And therefore, it could lower your email deliverability quite drastically. So instead, we're gonna limitit down to a max number of 30. We can gradually scalethat up by five or 10 more every single week, so that eventually you hit 100 or 200 emails per day.

And as you can see, it'sNew York office hours, so that's sending between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., New York hours. And I only send on weekdays too because therefore if you're sending emails on the weekend, most likely just gonna drop to the bottom of the inbox.

And by the time they get into the office on Monday and start answering emails, they're not gonna have time to answer you, or your email is just to slow down the priority list for them to answer straight away.

So I always get a better response if I send during weekdays between office hours and limit the number of people I email. So then we click save. Now, before you can start sending your campaign, go over to the overview tab over here. Just edit it.

Make sure that all the fields are set up, so that you've got your email address setup to send here. I also wouldn't recommend tracking link clicks because when people receive your email, they're gonna see a URL in the email copy.

And if they see that you're tracking links, if there's a weird piece of code over the email URL, then it's gonna look very suspicious because it looks a little bit spammy. And that's the technique that's often used by phishing emails.

So that's something you wanna avoid, and that's why I don't recommend tracking link clicks. Instead just track email opens. And that's pretty much it. So click save. And then finally, head on over to review, over here.

And here, you quickly review all the emails you're about to send, so that you can preview,okay, what does it look like? Are there any typos in the email copy? And is there anything I should change before I start sending this? So it's just a final check.

And I'd basically scroll through a few different emails, just make sure they're all set up properly, that they look good. And also, you can preview the first email but also the rest of the email funnel too just by scrolling down like that.

I'd double check how many days the email is delayed for and that sort of thing as well. And then once you're done and you're ready to go, just click review all Buddies-To-Be. And it's gonna start sending to the hours you scheduled.

Next up, what you're gonna dois set up the email signature. Now this is basically gonna make your email look professional. And it's gonna be a signature that appears at the bottom of every email that you send.

Right? So you go to settings, email signature. Plug in your details here. And you can also see that I've Included an unsubscribe link. Right? So to get that unsubscribe link, go back to your email campaign where you're writing the copy on your email messages.

Go to these dots at the bottom here. Click unsubscribe. And then you can just copy and paste that in, like that. And you can edit the text as you need to. Right? And it's really important to include an unsubscribe link because if people don't want to receive your emails anymore, then you need to really give them a choice of being able to unsubscribe.

Now, there's another useful feature on Lem List that I recommend using, especially if you've done outreach before, and that's the graveyard section. Essentially, here you can unsubscribe people manually using any sort of blacklist that you've got. So you can paste in the email addresses here, click bury. And that will remove people from your future email campaigns, so that you can unsubscribe them.

And they don't hear from you again. So that's it for me. Thanks for watching this tutorial on how to set up Lemlist. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below.

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