The used market for gaming PCs right now can only simply be described as one thing and that is a roller coaster and today we're going to talk about what you can do on this roller coaster to make sure that you're back proverbially.

Doesn't get thrown out or your neck doesn't get uncomfortable why you are on this roller coaster because right now i'm getting a lot of messages from people who are basically saying the same thing as me and that is pcs are moving extremely slow in fact some of the pcs are moving so slow to the point.

Where we've never been in a market that we're currently in right now because here's the funny thing about the used market and that is i've only really been in the used market since 2015 and since2015 to this very point in time we've only really seen an upswing in the market for used gaming pcs.

However I believe from here on in we may be going into a downswing and that's of course why I mentioned the roller coaster at the start because there are going to be your times when it's going to have really good demand but you're going to see this rollercoaster generally.

Heading in the direction that's going downwards so put on those used price performance capesnot the buying kind the selling kind because we're going to jump into the tech yes mobile and do a tech yes delivery on a low endbanger and this is actually an important thing because it's going to tie in very well.

And we just finished that sweet tech yes delivery and one thing we're going to touch on straight away is there's a lot of guys out there trying to sell what i call the sweet spot mid-range gaming pc at least in australia and these usually go for a thousand to 1500 aussie dollars.

Which in the US would be like 700 to 1200 usd and the thing is when you're trying to constantly sell PCs in this price range there's a lot of other guys trying to sell PCs in this price range so there's a lot of competition.

But the most important thing is too as we spoke about in the past the higher the price range you go the less potential customers you're going to have so naturally the more competition there is in any field the harder it is it's going to be essentially in this case to flip the gaming pc.

But another thing is too because we're at that higher price range and we've said this in the past the higher the price you go the more people make a conscious buying decision so they're going to think a lot more about it and they're going to be looking for the best value on the market.

And that's another thing that's going to tie in as to why your pc might not be selling right now and that's because tx 3000 we know this is a thing but it's such a big thing to the point where a lot of people are now dumping their mid-range pcs in anticipation of building a whole new gaming pc.

Once rtx 3000 is out so now back to that thing we call the roller coaster and you're probably thinking bryan everything is upside down right now and you wouldn't be mistaken and i think you guys in the us call it a jet coaster that is right on the way down the bottom it doesn't get any worse right now.

Than it is in the pc gaming market but you're probably wondering what can you do in this situation surely there's an answer well let's get back to the tech yes studio and talk about the answer[Music] and of course we had to make a little pit stop on the way home where we've got 10 ace of fourth genuh systems five hard drives.

And five monitors we got that for 420 aussie dollars in total absolute score but that relates back to what we're going to talk about right now and that is the deals oh wow wow and now we've just landed back at the studio and that deal is going to really relate to what we're going to talk about next here.

And that is the actual current climate of the market you're in so straight away if you were sitting on a pc before the rtx announcement and now after the rtx announcement you just got no interest in that gaming pc then you may have to cut your losses and you're probably thinking well.

I've slashed my prices already and that's the best thing you can do in order to create more value on your build so it's the best reaction it's the natural reaction i actually did this with one of my builds just after rtx 3000 was announced and so it's a good strategy in order to create more value.

And that is just slash the price of your build and of course when you do that you are creating a new market price for that particular pc whether it's gota gtx 1060 or a gtx 1070 unit you're basically lowering the prices of builds on the gaming pc.

So people who might be interested in another gaming pc are naturally now going to focus their attention on your gaming pc so with that it does become more of a buyer's market however we've got to add into that other problem as we spoke about before and that is a lot of people are dumping their.

pCs on the market and a lot of these PCs I'm finding are around the thousand aussie dollar range at this point in time so if you're currently a seller in this market space of a thousand aussie dollars to say 1500 you're suddenly going to find yourself meeting.

So much more competition so now you're thinking well what do i do and for me personally my current gut reaction and this is where i'm going to say gut reaction because i haven't gone through this kind of market before in relation to flipping gaming pcs.

My gut reaction is to just simply slash prices at the moment and clear what I've got and then move on into a new market because what I'm seeing is although the gaming PCs are going for lower prices the whole used market itself is going to become cheaper.

And that is what people are prepared to pay from the actual suppliers or people like less for example those prices are going to go down two in tandem with the new normon the gaming pc prices so basically as it stands you've got rtx 3000 announcements bringing down prices.

You've also got a heap of people dumping their gaming pcs bringing down prices but there's another factor that's just been announced as well when i saw this i literally like i really had to stop and just open my eyes because it was a seriously big announcement.

And that was the xbox series x at least in australia they announced this thing for 750 aussie dollars in the us 500 usd and i think in the uk it's got a really good price tag too at these prices from what i gather you're getting a 3700x processor.

You're getting a one terabyte nvme you're getting a new rdna gpu that hasn't even been released yet with much more power than the 5700 xtand you're also getting power supply motherboard 16 gigabytes of gddr6so.

This thing is going to be very powerful when it comes to playing games and if the pricing of this new series x and i believe they bring out the seriess2 which is less powerful but it's also a lot cheaper if these specs and power is anything to go by in a new norm of competition from microsoft.

You can best be assured that also their games are going to be cheap too which from what i see they're using their xbox game pass that's really going to be bringing a lot of competition which is going to flow in naturally to the gaming pc market as well as the new gaming pc market.

So what i see with the new consoles is actually a lot of strong competition to the point where i didn't think the xbox series would be priced this cheap so there are so many factors that are moving against the used gaming pc.

Market to the point where prices will come down from what i'm seeing and so with that you do not want to be stuck on old stock and if you are stuck on old stock and you have the fear of losing money do not think of it as losing money just think of it as an expensive lesson and.

You're probably sitting there thinking brian that's easy for you today but trust me i say this i've lost money in the past and it's hurt but the only way to think of it and come out of it in a positive way is to look at it of hey that lesson just cost me x amount of money and.

I'm not going to make that same mistake again in this case. I really haven't lost any money on my gaming PC. I've had to just break even above one of them and that's because I've got that low profit high turnover philosophy.

Where i'm not sitting on stock for too long anyhow going forward there are going to be catalysts for and against gaming pc prices one of those being rtx 3000 stock this is going to be that dip that could come up very quickly if these cards are out of stock and people want to play gaming pcs as well as a possibility of covered flaring up again.

That could present some milestones in the road but the last thing i'm going to touch on right now is that for me personally i enjoy all this and the reason being is because for me it ultimately is a hobby in that you see and in particular.

I'm going to pay attention to the real dirty used bangers that come in here and pick them up for real cheap but they're filthy. This for me isa passion. I absolutely love getting the real filthy PCs cleaning them up and making something out of them generally.

A lot of the time they don't have any rgb or anything like that but i've noticed this big shift in the market especially with gaming pcs where guys would just go out and they'll overpay for parts then they'll get all these fancy rgb fans rgb case and then try and sell these pcs and make their cutand.

A lot of the times i mean if they're not enjoying it ultimately if you're not enjoying it and now you're losing money or you're just breaking even then you've got to say is this worth your time so for me even if i break even on a lot of theseus builds even if i did i'm enjoying myself.

I'm having a great time and a lot of times I'm filming it and coming into problems diagnosing it and a lot of times you guys are chiming in on the comments and we're just having a dandy good old fun time around here basically.

If you're slashing your pricesand you can't sell your pc and things are getting frustrating just take a step back and say to yourself are you enjoying this are you doing it for the right reasons or are you just doing it purely to make a quick buck and i think.

If you're doing it just for a quick buck then you're in the wrong market but if you're doing it for both and that's the main thing then you should be able to get through this bad time in this dip in the roller coaster and.

You'll come out ahead in the future it's all about balance riding the bull feeling the flow that's what it's all about just like this question of the day here which comes from teemo yeah nothey ask i am just thinking.

how much 1660s and 1660 this will be worth are they the new rx 570s so this question in my opinion really depends on what nvidia is going to bring out with say an rtx 3050 or if they're going to bring out another gtx card that is in maybe in the 3000 line or something like that they bring out a really good value cardon this lower level then that will definitely be a catalyst for people.

To then sell their old 1660s and upgrade but also another thing to think of with the new rx-570 is that the rx 570sespecially 1060s and 1070s in that crypto boom they sold so many of those cards and they ramped up production to levels that we'd never seen before with graphics cards and.

Then after that boom went bust all those cards just flooded the market so there's so many of those cards out there even to this date so i don't think naturally the 1660 super or the 1660 this will be the new rx 570s.

But you'll definitely be able to pick up these cards for cheap just the availability of these cards however on the used market won't be anywhere near the 10 series mid-range cards as well as those rx-5 70s and 470sanyway hope that answers that question and if you guys have stayed this far and you're enjoying that content.

And you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that like button hit that sub button ring that bell andalso let us know in the comment section below what is going on in the pc market where you are at the moment love reading your thoughts and opinions as always and.

One more quick thing before i get on out of here and that is you guys asking about founders edition cards for rtx 3080 and 3090 down under in australia i'm told i got an email from nvidia today that for australians there will be one retailer that's mwave they will be having a heap of founders of cards available from the 17th so.

Make sure if you want to get one of these cards and you're down under and you're serious about it go check out mwave and i recommend getting on their mailing list because they're the only retail in australia that i know they'll be getting some of these founders edition cards in besides that i have been talking to a few retailers in australia.

And they're telling me that people are coming into their stores and they are just keep asking about rtx 3000so and then to the likes where they've never seen demand like this for a particular computer parts so if that's any indication to go by the demand will definitely outpace the supply at least for the first couple of months.

So if you're serious about getting one of these new rtx cards especially the 3080 that looks like it's gonna be the hottest pickout of the whole bunch then you will have to be quick anyway.

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