5 Tips To Learn French Language Quickly

French learning experience,  you have been trying to learn the language for over a  year now,  and you don't know the best materials to use.

I'm trying to do a masters programme in France, and would love to reach B1 level very soon.  All right, so Tayy Tayy, as a foreign language learner, I totally get you. I was once there.

Hear what my French was like in the beginning. Anyone out there who is trying to learn a foreign language, you'd like to improve your level. 5 tips that I suggest, or propose to improve your language level.

And these are tips that I personally used. Let's get on with it. Number one, do what you love and not what you think you need to do.  So for example, I personally, I love  reading.

I enjoy reading and I enjoy writing,  but I enjoy writing more than I do reading. Therefore, while I was learning French I wrote, I wrote poetry,  I wrote short stories, and that literally helped me.

So let me just give you guys a quick snippet of something that I read, that I wrote, sorry,   while I was learning French.  So this is what my story is ''Ice Princess''. Once upon a time , there was a little girl called Miriam.

She had blonde hair, blue eyes, clair skin and a voice.  And a voice? Of course she has a voice. She was very kind and helpful. She was 8 years old and lived with her parents in a small village, under the.... the... what the hell is that?

It was called the Sun Kingdom. Oh damn! All right, so you guys see that it has some errors, but the point is that , do what you love to do and not what you think that you ought to do.

So my advice. don't read if you don't like  reading but do something that you actually love doing. If you love movies, netflix,  watch your favorite series in the language that you're trying to learn.  Number two, make the language an actual part of your life.

So you, the learner, shouldn't be here while the language here. So what that means is that, you need to practically have the language being a daily part of your life.

What I did, I changed my phone  to French or Spanish, or whatever language I was learning, and what I found out was that it's either I Will swim or I will drown. I use my phone every day. I needed to use my phone.

I also changed my laptop  to French and Spanish. I have different  browsers by the way. I have around 7 browsers for each language I speak.

So I changed the browsers, I changed my settings and if I needed to use my device,  then hell boy you better learn that language. See what I'm saying? Yeah! And that is what I recommend to anyone and if you like movies, as I said,  instead of watching  the movies in your mother tongue,  change that to the foreign language.

But when it comes to movies,   I never use subtitles. I find them counterproductive  because in real life you don't have subtitles when people talk to you. But that's at least what I did personally.

And my song playlists, I changed all of my songs to French and Spanish, and other languages because that is what I enjoyed.  I will never lose my mother tongue, which is English.

So, not listening to songs in English won't kill me, and I'll hear songs in English in any case, whether or not I want to. So I say, change your lifestyle, in which the language becomes a part of it.  It shouldn't be where you're, ''Ah, let me force the language in.'' No!  It must be a relevant and active part of your life.

And another thing I did was whenever I would go  to church or conferences,  and someone would be speaking or presenting, I would translate, to myself of course.

So, the person would be talking , and I'd be translating in real time, clearly I would  make some mistakes, but I didn't care. I just whispered under my breath.  Maybe if you were like watching me you'd be  like  Damn. that nigga crazy, talking to himself.

But the thing is, I didn't care because I  know that I had an objective  and it had to be met. Number three, invest quality time in the language. Well, you'd have noticed by now that all my advice are somewhat similar,  from doing what you love, making the language an active part of your life,  and three investing  quality time.

And this speaks for itself. So what I mean by quality time is that you can't just listen to a song for like.., one song,   and then you'll be like ''oh yeah, I've listened something.'' No! it doesn't cut it. You need to invest quality time.

So what I did was that I used a lot of language apps, where I talked  to different persons, and honestly, it was a little bit demotivating.  It was quite demotivating because ... it was very hard to have real conversations, people.

 I don't know, it was very hard to have real conversations for me.  I used a lot of apps, some of them I don't even remember the  names, but I used italki, I used gospeaky, I used conversation exchange.

And I'll just show you my screen here to show you that I have so many messages  just let me show you a sneak peek All right yes, I know that I have a lot of things here, please don't watch that it's. 

Yeah, this is what it looks like when I'm working. I'm so sorry.   So let me go on gospeaky, for example.  So here, you'll see that I have a lot of messages. Let's quickly go there.

Just here, so you'll see that I have tons of messages,  I won't show..., oh crap my battery is about to die. I won't show you everything. I won't show you everything, my battery is about to die.

So you see this, yeah?  I have tons of messages going from as far back...  there is italki, there is conversation exchange,  this one is super good, I suppose.

Again, I have thousands of messages,  hundreds of messages, and that is what I use.  So I say, make the language an active part of your life. I organize regular weekly sessions and so forth. Another thing I did was by playing video games, which helped like there was Ninja Saga.

You guys see the ninja saga here. It helps a lot   to speak with Spanish persons. I play the Spanish version.   That's how I made the language an active part of my life, that's for Spanish at least. And there are other things I did too.

I invested heavily in French music like there is stromae.  Love my boy stromae. There is a series too on Youtube, which I particularly like. It's called Extra.  I'm just trying to do this quite quickly guys,  beforefor my battery dies,  because I need to save.

Extra... French episode... I need to save this before my battery dies, otherwise I'm screwed.  All right so this is it, for example, it's a cool series. It's in French, German, English... copywriter, so I'll just skip this, right, so... it's fun.

You guys could check it out. I'm going to stop this here, then I'm going to continue,  right, I'm going  to continue afterwards. Let me just stop this here. Listen to this conversation.  Let's try. Okay so, I was very busy today, because.

I had to do a lot of things. - '' les shows''?- things like... - ''shows''?- I have um.... yes.  I had to....um... um... wash the dishes. No, I had to, no, no,... - I had to...- Yes, that's it. Correct, correct, correct. - I wasn't so bad.- everything is correct.

I had to do the dishes.-''vasel''? I had to do the dishes.- Yes. I had to do... And you heard guys, I was pretty terrible. Look where I was and look where I am now. Just watch some of my videos and   you'll see where I am now. It takes time.

Anyways, the fourth tip is that you must exercise patience and long suffering.  Rome was not built in one day. So you can't expect that after a year, or two   years of any foreign language, that you'll  master it.

There are many people even in our own  native tongue we haven't mastered,  or we've mastered certain elements. Maybe we've mastered, let's say, listening but not speaking, reading but not writing, you understand?

So with a foreign language, it's the same thing, it's a skill.  It's not something you just study a formula and that's it. No! What you should know is that progress does not come overnight.

Progress simply means that it happens  over a period of time, and just very quickly from this book I'm reading, it's called Os Hábitos Atómicos (Atomic Habits). It's in Portuguese.

And so based on this picture you can see here, the results are what's on the left, right. These are the results, and we often think that progress means that we just shoot up or we see something immediately. No,no, no!

You could have..., you will normally have like this stagnant thing, there's nothing happening.  That's called a latent potential or latent something of the sort. Aand over time it just springs up and shoots. It's like a bamboo tree. It stays underground for a long time, then after a few years, within 6 weeks it grows up to.

Well it grows a lot right. So one way to look at progress is like this,  imagine if you were, and again, this comes from the book, they're not my words.  So imagine if you were to go into a room and there was an ice cube and.

It was minus 10 degrees or something,  and you reduced it by 1, 2, 3,  still at minus 5, there would still be the ice cube,  and then by the time you  reach minus one and then one,  you may see that it starts to melt.

We often think that ''oh it's the last hit, the last minus one that really did that.''  No. One way to look at it is that it was a process occurring from the beginning   from the time it was at 10 going down going down, going down.

After several hits, the final hit, boom! Which is not sudden.  It's over time, and why I mentioned this is that while I was learning French,   I didn't even know that ,  it let me use ''good'' just in the situation,  until someone said ''hey you speak French well'', and I'm like no.

And I was like, ''wait, when did I understand this?''  So some things take you by surprise. So guys, just practise and be patient.  And patience is a thing, some days you'll be good, some days you'll be bad,  and trust me, just be patient. Just endure.

And number five, have fun.   If you're not having fun, it means it's not worth it. It's not worth it, otherwise, what's   the purpose of even learning if you're not having fun?  You just... it's a long process, it's a journey,  just enjoy yourself while doing it.

I simply love learning foreign languages. Yes , of course, I can speak French.  I'm not perfect, and I won't delete this part of the video, because I want you to see that I'm not perfect, but I can speak, and I'm completely at ease.

If I make any mistakes, I don't care. It's the same in Spanish, I can say the same thing. If I make mistakes, I don't care. The.... the... damn! What's important is that you speak,  Well, for you guys, that you all speak. That's what counts.

The aim. And yes, there are many people who say that I'll make errors. I don't feel comfortable, and that doesn't matter. For me, it's not worth it if you don't speak, if you do nothing. You have to speak! I can also do the same in Portuguese.

And yes, I'm not the best at speaking Portuguese, but I speak. And yes, I understand much better than I speak. But I speak, that's what counts. An advice... well you.

Oh wow, so I'm going to cut that. ***(I DIDN'T CUT IT)*** I forgot what I wanted to say guys, but what I want to say is just that,  the idea is that you simply practise, and don't worry about making mistakes.

A lot of people worry about making mistakes, not being perfect. I don't care. It doesn't matter. I don't care, all right Let me try another language that I like... Oh damn! They're all slipping my mind... um okay, um...  Oh damn! Wait.

So these things happen from time to time, and   I'm really trying to be very authentic with you guys, to just show you... Okay, um.... ah...... I am going to speak Serbian... I don't speak Serbian well...  But... I think... no, no.

I can practise with my friend... my friend is Petar. He lives in Serbia... Oh my  God!!! So the thing is guys, have fun. You see, I'm having fun.

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