Top 5 mistakes Beginners make in Youtube, Common youtube mistakes 2020

If you are finding that your growth has been stagnant on youtube and no matter how much work you put in it feels like your subscriber count barely ticks any higher.

It's probably because you're making one of these five mistakes and I'm going to walk you through exactly what they are and how to fix it.

Hi welcome back. I give you all the confidence you need to show up on YouTube and video so that you can reach more people, grow your business and have fun doing it!

The first big mistake : new youtubers make is speaking too much about themselves in their videos. I know that one sounds kind of brutal but here is why that doesn't work. People will not want to listen to who you are.

  • What you like and all that kind of stuff unless either you already have a massive following on youtube or you are growing your channel with people from your other social platforms who are already abundantly clear about how you help them.

  • They clicked onto your video to know more about the topic you should be discussing, not about you. Not yet, anyway. So what's the actual fix? Don't dilly dally and talk about yourself.Especially not when you need to be talking about the main topic you are trying to convey in your video.

  • A good pointer here is to just make a quick 30 second intro that tells your audience exactly what they're gonna get out of your video,a quick word about yourself and then jump into the meat of the content! And bonus points.

  • if you can actually say the word 'you're the first five seconds of your video because studies actually show that you are more likely to keep your peoplewatching for longer if you can get 'you' in there and they're incredibly more likely to not only watch that video but also go and binge on the others.

So the next big mistake : new youtubers make is spamming other youtubers comments sections. Many new creators leave spammy looking comments in other youtube creators videos such as 'subscribe and i'll subscribe back', 'follow for follow',  'watch my video all the way through and i'll watch yours back' and all kinds of redundant unfortunately redundant phrases.

  • Now there are a couple of reasons why you're going to want to avoid this one.Firstly nobody is checking out your channel or your videos unless one: they're interested and two they know the value they're going to be getting.

  • It is that cut and dry and second - this is a big one: spammy activity such as subscribe for subscribe is actually against youtube's terms of service and they do in fact regularly shut down youtube channels that they find guilty of spamming.

  • Not a place you want to be and no it's actually not worth it. So what's the actual fix? Absolutely get involved with the youtube creator community but if you are going to leave comments on other youtube creators videos make sure that you show them that you've at least had the courtesy to watch their video all the way through and leave comments that are both meaningful and genuine.

It goes a long way on youtube trust me. Regurgitated content from other platforms.

The third biggest mistake : new youtubers make. First we need to have a quick chat about what that actually looks like and the most common and best example of this is probably Facebook lives.

  • I've helped hundreds of online business owners with their youtube channels and I have never once seen this work.

  • Hear me out: I highly encourage that you repurpose your youtube videos and distribute them across your platforms because the way to really win here is when you put youtube at the core of your video marketing strategy and.

  • What happens is that when you do that correctly you have this opportunity to grow your marketing strategy across other platforms simultaneously because your people will follow you from platform to platform. So give you an example as to a fix for that.

  • Create your facebook lives around the topic of your youtube videos and in your call to action invite your people to go and check out the whole youtube video by popping the link in the comments of your facebook live.

  • That is one workaround and if you'd like me to make videos on other workarounds there then please do let me know in the comments and i will get on it. Give this video a like if you are making any of these common big new youtuber mistakes and you are ready to stop making them right now.

The next big mistake : new youtubers make is not branding their channels. Listen. Your youtube channel is a prime piece of real estate and what happens so often is you'll watch this great youtube video that answered.

  • This burning question or solve this problem and quite naturally what you're gonna do is go and check out the channeland find out what that creator's all about. But some of the most commonly neglected areas of a youtube channel are often the most costly because people aren't creating channel banners that tell their viewers what to expect from this channel and when.

Too many people also aren't filling out their about sections or creating channel trailers or putting in their social links and their websites.

Now the biggest problem with this mistake is that this is a bunch of missed opportunities for your people to get into your world and feel like they know you and to come and see you on your other platforms and subscribe to your email lists and.

Over time absolutely come and work with you or buy your products and your services. So what's the fix? Go and create that channel banner, make sure that when you create it you tell your audience what kind of content to expect from you and when, fill out your about section and.

Include your social links and your websites, shoota 90-second channel trailer which is super important because this is the first video that viewers who are not yet subscribers to your youtube channel will actually see which is your chance to drop your value proposition and tell them why they should subscribe to your channel and lets them know ultimately why they should come back each week and watch your videos.

Make sure that you include all of your branding graphics logos etc etc and make the most of those branding assets for your channel.

Not looking into the lens is another common big mistake that new youtubers make and I have certainly been guilty of this and watch some of my earlier videos.

  • And it happens a lot and here's why that unfortunately doesn't work: one of the quickest ways of getting people to subscribe to your channel is by making that personal connection which all starts with eye contact.

  • And they have to feel like you are talking directly to them having a conversation with them and if you're looking anywhere but the lens not only do they miss that connection,that can also make your video feel kind of awkward and it's not good.

Andreally the super simple fix to this is to just be aware of where the lensis and this will depend on what you're filming with so for example i like to film with my phone sometimes then you need to make sure that you're looking right there and same thing if you are using a webcam on your computer.

You just gotta make sure that you're looking right down the lens and again if you've got something a bit more flash than that in terms of cameras then the bigger and more flash the camera gets. the more and more obvious it is where the lens is.

So just make sure you're looking right down that lens and i promise you your video will improve massively!

Now if you want the checklist to ensure that when you are ready to set up your youtube channel you do it right and you avoid these mistakes and plenty of others then go ahead and grab it.

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