How to get suggested by YouTube 2020, Drive more traffic in youtube videos
How to get suggested by YouTube 2020

Since you want to know How to get suggested by YouTube, chances are that you are rather small channels.

Because we small channels have to work in order to get recommended by the suggested videos algorithm. And I made a simple observation that really shifts how you think about the suggested videos algorithm.

Because when we take a step back and look at how the big channels manage to get recommended by the suggested videos algorithm, then we know where we have to go, what we have to do in order to get our videos suggested.

It's really interesting, let me show you. Here, I did a simple search on YouTube. “YouTube algorithm explained” just as a starter.

And I clicked the first link here to get started with a video from Cathrin Manning. So when I started watching this video, we can already see we have many different choices, different channels.

Think Media, Annie Long, Cathrin Manning is included of course, as well. And up next is Cathrin Manning. So when you have one of your videos up in Up Next, then it's already a really good sign, but usually you could expect your video to be more down here.

But you know, Catherine Manning is really a master of the suggested videos algorithm and a reason why she grew that fast, like she did. So I clicked her first video here, next, watched this one next.

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And here you can now see that more Cathrin Manningvideos appear here. Just a few videos from other channels that appear. So what I did next is just continuing to watch one of her next videos.

And here you can see evenmore videos start to be in the suggested videos section. Here's just one video from Sunny Lenarduzzi, but everything else is Cathrin Manning.

And then next of course, since one of her videos is again up next, I clicked there and here again,you see most of the videos are from her, just a few, PeterMcKinnon sneaked in here. Then next I clicked here again. And once more you can see most of the videos are from her, just one from Jeven Dovey, and so on.

You can see like this. You know, she draws people in and once people are watching her videos, she doesn't let go. And by the way, this is not something rare. You can test it yourself. You will see that in any niche it's happening like this.

Let me show you another example and also how I did this test. So you can see it for yourself. So here again, I did the simple search about a topic, that is interesting in my niche, “how to start a YouTube channel”, for example. And I'm not signed in. So this is really a blank slate.

The recommendation system that YouTube has does not know anything about you yet. So everything that you watch right now is something new the algorithm learns about you as a viewer.

So I start here under a search term that is interesting to me. And then I start with any of those videos here. So since we already know what happens when we click Cathrin Manning's video, well, this time let's click on Justin Brown.

So I watched his video here, and of course, Cathrin Manningis sneaking in here again. But, here you see, we have many different choices, right? So when a viewer watches the video, of course the person can click any of those recommendations.

And since we have so many different choices, let's say we continuewith Jeven Dovey here. So I clicked this video next. And then when I watched his video, you can already see that one of his videos coming up in Up Next and also some other videos from him, but not so many yet, right?

So, what I did next is I clicked here on the recommended video, still on the same video and watched this one next. And when I watch the second one of his videos, you can already see more videos of him popping up.

Cathrin Manning, of course,always sneaking in here. Jeven Dovey, Nick Nimmin, Cathrin Manning, she's really the master of it all. But we can already count one,two, three videos from him in the suggested video section.

So next I clicked another one video to watch next. And here on his video, he is doing collaboration with Nick Nimmin by the way. You can already see many vids recommended by him. Now here in the full list, we have four different videos up next.

So he's already drawing people in as well. Like Cathrin Manning does. Not as strong, but he's doing it properly. And since Nick Nimmin hereis collaborating with him, let's just continue withNick Nimmin's video next, just to see what happens there. So I clicked on his video next.

And by the way, I always watch the videos about 30 seconds long, and then I click the next video that I want to watch. So this way the algorithm is learning about your viewing behavior. So I clicked Nick Nimmin's video next.

And then we on his video,you can already see many more videos of him showing up here. Already one, two, three, four, five, six. So a lot of videos are recommended next.

So chances really are that any viewer who lands on this video will watch a Nick Nimmin video next, because there are so many of his videos recommended, right? So next I did click on this video as well. And when I watched this one next, wow, you can already see Nick Nimmin, Nick Nimmin, and so on.

All the videos are from him. Completely dominating the suggested video section. Amazing, right? So obviously, I mean, if I'm Watching this video right now, I have to click one of his videos next, no other choice, right?

So the next video that I clicked, again you can see all of the videos from him. Nick Nimmin is the TOP of suggested videos, right? It's crazy. And what we learned here, you know, those big channels who have figured out how suggested videos really work, they take that as their advantage and draw people in like a magnet.

Like I already mentioned in the previous episode of this suggested videos series. Well, this is what you have to look for in order to get your videos into the suggested videos as well.

Be like a magnet so that people discover your channel and then have no other choice than watch more and more and more of your videos. Well, let me explain it a little bit deeper what actually happens here.

So we started our second example with this video and then decided to go to one video of Jeven Dovey, right? So you could already see more videos were recommended from him so I watched this one next.

And other videos from him are always recommended. Of course CathrinManning sneaking in here. So we know if we would have, from this video would have liked this video, then she would have drawn you in, of course, as we saw in the first example.

But I decided to stay on Jeven Dovey's channel because so many recommendations already appeared here. So I watched this next. And I would have been inJeven's universe, so to say binge watching his videos, but I decided to watch aNick Nimmin video next because they did a collaboration in this video.

So this is a good opportunity to watch a video from another channel next, right? So I went here and already many recommendations happened for Nick Nimmin videos. I chose to watch this video,more Nick Nimmin videos and so on, and so on.

I was in the Nick Nimminuniverse, so to say. He drew me in like a magnet. So this is what we need to achieve as well with our smaller channels. But why by the way, do I say magnet? What do I mean by magnet, right?

So let me tell you more about this. We chose when we watched this video, we chose to go to a NickNimmin video, right? So this video was a magnet drawing in people from Jeven Dovey's videos, so to say.

And the real reason whyI call it magnet is, that when people start watching videos of his, they will binge watch his video like we did in our example. And for each video, this viewer creates average view duration, right? Watch time.

Let's say seven minutes on this one, three minutes on this one,five minutes on this one. So, you know, YouTube loves watch time. And we have to look at watchtime also across videos.

So if we binge watch videos,we are essentially increasing, not just the watch time for individual videos, but also for the session duration, the whole viewing session that we as a viewer do. So when we watch these videos in a row, we are producing more than the watch time of a single video.

But in total, in this case, we produce 15 minutes of watch time. So if the viewing behaviors that we had, in our example, were watching these three videos in a row and all the other viewers, many other viewers would behave in a similar way.

I mean the suggested videos algorithm looks at huge crowds of viewers all the time, right? So if all behave the same way because they binge watched the videos, then when someone watches this video.

The algorithm predicts how much watch time the viewer will produce, if the viewer watches this video and then one of Nick Nimmin's videos next. So this predicted total watch time that the viewer from this video will produce if that viewer decides to move over to Nick Nimmin's channel.

This predicted watch time is a lot of value for the algorithm. That is what the algorithm really measures in the end. And the higher the sessions watch time is on that channel, the more worth it is for the suggested videos algorithm.

Hence, if those videos from Nick Nimmin, have a drawing power so to say, drawing people in from other channels, yeah? Like a magnet, they magnify, how do you call it?

To act like a magnet? They attract the viewers from another channel to their own channels. Like a drawing force so to say. I'm out of words. You get the point, right? Like the magnet. So they are drawing in audiences.

So what you need to do is to create like Nick Nimmin does, like Jeven Dovey does as well,like Cathrin Manning does in the first example that we have, we have to create this effect that people binge watch the videos in a row.

And this accumulated session watch time is like a force, like the magnet has a force,the higher, the better, the stronger the force is, right? We have to create this same effect.

But how do we create this effect? Especially considering that we are smaller channels. We haven't figured out how to perfectly do it right now. So what is the easiest way you can act with your videos like a magnet drawing people in? Well, the simple answer is trilogies.

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