Online Jobs For Earning in 2020, Best way to start earnings

I'm making this article because you need to learn about some online jobs that pay daily in 2020 and you'll learn about five examples and I bet you'll start one of them but before I tell you any of the five examples.

  1. Phone Support

So the first job is actually phone support and something interesting is that not a lot of companies wanted to have perfect english for example i i'm not a native english speaker.

I'm from bulgaria in europe and i've learned english pretty much from watching moviesand youtube videos a long time and disclosed so here are some examples the first one you can find in this website it's called and you just search here telephone supported.

Here you can see that people are upmaking up to 15.6 pounds an hour or starting from this and it can be a remote job and if you want to translate that to your currency let's say that you are in the united states and its dollars i have a pound two dollar calculator don't mind the language it's in bulgarian.

But it's that so let's say that you're making twenty thousand pounds as they said that's twenty six thousand dollars per year right and they're offering up to twenty six thousand so there's a lot of examples and you can see that the requirements are not that high they're urgently needing someone and it's you can apply for this job really easy.

  1. Phone Support Jobs

The second way your platform that you can search for phone support jobs is actually upwork there's a lot of offers again here just some of them they require you and they're willing to commit up to six months of a project.

So you can rely on this job for at least six months and they require over 30 hours a week some actually require 10 to 30 hours if you already have a main job or you're doing some volunteer work or you know you're studying university in school whatever.

You want to just commit to 10 to 30 hours. 10 to 30 hours isn't that much even if you're working a regular 40-hour job. I personally work over 40 hours a week easily and I have multiple businesses, an e-commerce storean and agency.

So that's very very doable and there's also some that have even less than 10 hours and they want you to work from 9 00 am to 5 am malaysia time but they want some requirements like malaysian cantoneseenglish and.

  1. Translation Services

So on the second thing you can actually do is translation services if you go on fiverr and there's a link for fiverr in the description and just type in translation right just translation not in any language.

Just translation we can see that there's a lot of gigs for example german jew spanish or italian to english whatever if you know a few languages for example if you're like me i know bulgarian a little bit of spanish andsome english right because i'm speaking english.

So if i translate in between these languages i can actually get faith on fiverr by just posting my listing soif you're french she is or whatever i think she's french you can make money.

If we just click on her gig right here you can see that she has over 1400 orders and she has four orders in the queue let's say that the minimal amount of words people ask and that's not that much because like.

For example one of the blog posts i have on my website is 2 000 words let's say that each document that they sent her to translate is a thousand words which is like a bare minimum in my opinion so 50 dollars.

If you might multiply fifty dollars but by the feedback she has she probably made over seventy thousand dollars on fiverr and you can see her information down below and you can also search for translation jobs all know but my upwork account is actually an employer one.

If you're a freelancer you can just search for jobs that other people are postingthe.

  1. Transcription

Next option is actually transcription if we go on this website you can see that you can earn quite a bit of money they are paying.

you can get transcription from them for 61 cents per minute which actually equates to you or to 36 euro cents which is around 40 bucks an hour.

So they're paying around 40 bucks this if they find the right client 40 dollars an hour which is just insane it's mind-blowing even if you make 10 dollars an hour from transcription it's really good because there's a way to make it automatically and.

You can see the video in the character but for the full explanation another way that i really like because i'm hiring a lot of freelancers to do this for my seo agency and also for my e-commerce business because.

The main traffic source i have is actually seo organic traffic this is why i'm making these youtube videos i believe in free organic traffic as opposed to paid traffic.

  1. Good Copywriter

So if you go ahead and write something like a blog post on fiverr again if you're looking for fiverr i have an affiliate link for it you can see that blog post can go up to hundreds for example.

This person just wrote 61 feedback and normally the blog posts iorder are 2 000 words she doesn't even have a plan for 2000 words but it's gonna be probably gonna be if 1.5 k works is 250 bucks.

We divide 250 by free will get the price for 500 bucks so it should be thisplus 250 it should be around 333 dollars let's see that most people get the 1.5 keywords plan which is really you know this is something that.

I would purchase from her she would be making over 20 grand fromjust 61 blog posts and i can tell you that a good copywriter can write for blog posts per day of 2k words which means she would have made all this money within 15 days or two weeks.

If she worked weekends which is just mind-blowing that you can work from home during this pandemic make so much money by just writing about stuff and especially stuff that.

  1. Answering Questions

You're interested in okay so in the last way to actually make money uh online that i want to show you here online jobs that pay you daily is answering questions.

Yes normally people don't want your opinion on stuff but some people do and here are three examples of websites that can get you paid for just answering questions or in other words surveys and if you go down below on the first website and it's actually inbox inboxdollars.

You'll probably see it in the below they can get you paid just five dollars for just signing up soand what you do is you watch videos you play games you read emails and you say your opinion or you answer different questions around.

  1. Surveys

The content that you consume on the second website is actually a resume. You can see it in the description down below and you have surveys depending on your interest.

For example shopping technology and so on and you can earn points and convert them into real life money. The last website is actually swag books. I've talked about indifferent videos but you can see all of them in the description down below and test them for yourself again.

if this ,helped you out make sure you give it a like because it helps out the channel it helps out it be favored within the youtube algorithm and all my effort wouldn't be for nothing remember that a video day gives a doctor away full disclaimer here this is no financial advice this is no medical advice results can vary make sure you do your own due diligence.

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