how much money you can make with 2000 subscribers on YouTube.

What's up guys, today we're gonna talk about how much money you can make with 2000 subscribers on YouTube.

Now, you might probably have watched some videos like :

  • How much money can you make if you have 1   million views on your video?

  • How much money do you earn per month if you have 100,000 subscribers ?

But more importantly, how much money can you make if you have like a small channel with just 1000 or 2000 subscribers.

So that's going to be today's topic. And at the end of the video, I'm going to  give you some really good questions that you can ask yourself to determine how you can make more money with your YouTube channel.

This is something really important that you have to ask yourself before you even get started, if you want to get on the right track, otherwise, it might take a long, long time for you to get to those levels.

Now the first source of income that most people think about when it comes to YouTube, is YouTube AdSense or Google AdSense.

And this works, you have to fulfill a couple of criteria in order to qualify :

  1. The first one if you need to have at least 1000 subscribers.

  2. The second one you need at least 4000 hours of accumulated watch time. In the last 365 days. This has to be public videos that cannot be an unlisted or private video.

So if you can qualify for those two criteria you can apply to get monetized. It really takes less than a month, sometimes within a week or a few days, if you are lucky, and then you can monetize your videos.

So once you are monetized by YouTube, you can then enable monetization for each of your videos. This will take a bit of time especially if you are in the group who has to categorize their own videos such as myself, then you might  have to click a lot of checkboxes.

So but it's definitely worth it for you to get started.   Now how much money can you make with Google AdSense? This really depends on the topic of your   channel. And your CPM.

Your CPM cost per mille is the amount of money that advertisers are bidding. To get their ads placed on 1000 views of your video. This will depend heavily on your niche and your topics you're generally talking about.

But also on the individual videos. You have to know   when someone is running YouTube ads, they have a ton of options to target people. They can go by   simple keywords, the keyword might be in your title.

In your description, it might be mentioned in your spoken word, might be included in your subtitle, might also be included in different comments on your video. So YouTube is analyzing and categorizing all of your videos.

And it's using different keywords to then offer those videos based on the keyword density to different advertisers. Advertisers also can target individual channel names.

So you can upload a list of YouTube channels that you want to place your ads on. In this case, it will be shown on any and all of their publicly available and monetized videos.

That's another option. advertisers can  even go as far as upload individual video IDs of specific videos they want to run their ads on.

So if you have a video that's very, very specific, it might just be that an advertiser is running ads just on this one particular video. And in this case, you get a much higher CPM.

For that individual video, the CPM will change over time because some advertisers will start advertising   others will close their campaign. Some will change their strategy, some will increase the budget.

And it will be individually for each and every video, you will also get a channel average CPM that you can use lookup in your Google Analytics. So this will change over time, and will be based on all the videos you have published and averaged out depending on what is currently happening today.

That's the main revenue source. So if you have a channel, which is in high demand targeting topics that have a high CPM, you will make more money. The second type of income that you can generate with your YouTube channel is revenue from affiliate marketing.

And this really depends on what kind of products you're offering. On your platform. if you for example,   doing product reviews, with your channels, it's quite easy to always promote the product as an affiliate sale.

If you have a very specific topic that you're running, you could share some of the tools that you're using to assist your work. This really depends on your niche that you have picked, and how much money you can make from those.

I always include several affiliate links in all of my videos so people can use my preferred tools that I'm using to run my own business in order for them to repeat the same results.

The third source of income that you can generate   with your YouTube channel is you can sell products and services. This works for anyone.

You can be a freelancer creating custom physical or digital services, digital assets and this is another way that You can also promote in your description.

So then you can add up all those three revenue   sources, you can use your AdSense revenue, your affiliate revenue, and your own digital products and services.

And this will determine how much money you can make. Now I'm going to give you some numbers, so you have a better idea how much this can do. Keep in mind, my channel is a business focus channel.

So my CPM generally is much higher than for example, someone doing Minecraft, or doing some fun stuff like playing Fortnite. So if you're doing some, like more fun, you will have a much lower CPM, so your numbers will get lower.

So this one is based on a business focused channel on YouTube. With 2000 subscribers, you can make on average, maybe 50 to 200 US dollar per month. This is what you can generate with AdSense.

And I'm giving you a range because sometimes the CPM will change. Over time, you might have a month, which is really good, and   it might be much higher, you might have a month where nothing is going down, it might be lower, but generally like 50 to 200 is a good expectation for 2000 subscribers.

For affiliate products you can make anywhere between zero and $500 per month with 2000 subscribers. This really depends on what kind of product you're offering.

I'm always looking and focusing on products which have a high commission 40% and upwards and ideally, lifelong follow up payments, this is really important for you to generate that much revenue with your affiliate marketing income.

And now the most important and most powerful source of income on YouTube is that you can think of selling your own digital products or services that can generate anywhere between 500 to 5000 US dollars per month with 2000 subscribers.

That's why I'm really focusing on that part of the business. And I really recommend that you're choosing a niche where you can generate this kind of products that allow you to grow your channel, you will see that at some point your AdSense revenue is   really just a small fraction of your overall total income that you can generate on YouTube.

So here's the most important part of the video, the part you have all been waiting for. How do you make the most amount of money on YouTube? You choose a niche based on your CPM.

You can probably make videos about 20-50 different topics. Pick one which has a very high CPM. How do you find out which has a high CPM?

  • Go on Google Ads

  • Sign up for an account

  • Go to the keyword planner and type in some keywords that you might be able to do videos   about and.

  • Then look at what kind of CPM Google's offering for those particular keywords.

This   will be a very good indicator of telling you how profitable a potential niche will be. You will notice patterns, try different keywords, different variations for really getting a good picture, write them out.

And then you can see for example, a niche one you write on 10 different 20 different CPMs for different keywords, then you create like another piece of paper, look up a different niche, search 20-30, 50 keywords and write on the CPM as well.

And then make a choice based on some of the top five CPM topics that you can think of that will make it incredibly likely that you   will generate a high regular income with Google AdSense on your YouTube channel.

A high CPM has   another benefit. These are niches which have high priced products. That's why people are willing to  pay so much for it. So the affiliate products which are serving those keywords are also most likely high priced and high commission.

So just by picking the right CPM keywords, you also make it much more likely that the products that you can promote that are really relevant for that   audience will make you a ton more money than.

If you pick something randomly like Minecraft, like what can you sell on Minecraft really, some custom texture packs, what can you sell for a B2B audience, you can sell like $10,000 per month software.

Which can generate a ton of revenue. So pick a niche which has a really high CPM and you will thrive. It's also incredibly powerful. Depending on your expertise.

If you have a high CPM topic, you can also create your own products and services and you can get hundred percent of the commission versus maybe like let's say 20% to 50% for affiliate products, hundred percent is a lot more and will help you to grow your channel much much faster.

Now you're combining those three sources of revenue AdSense, affiliate marketing and selling your own products and services. And this will be your total revenue potential.

Now if you're interested in me, breaking down a detailed analysis of my own channel, how much I'm   making for my own YouTube AdSense account, how much I'm making in monthly affiliate marketing sales and how much digital products I'm selling on my own platform. Let me know in the comments.

How to grow your channel step by step, how to get 4000 hours of watch time really quickly, how to grow 1000 subscribers, how to monetize your channel with different methods.

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