Confidence Building 10 powerful tips

Welcome all to the session on Confidence Building. Thank you so much for all the support extended till now.

Now today’s session is specially for those people who are struggling to build confidence both among freshers and those experienced in your mid 30s,   mid 40s, who when asked to give a formal presentation get worked up.

Welcome all to the session on Confidence Building.   Let us understand 10 most powerful tips today, to become confident in life.

The first one, Celebrate the true YOU. Accept the way you are, first.

A change towards a positive transformation can only happen when you yourself are comfortable, accepting the way you are made.

All those who usually feel low in confidence because they suffer from a comparison syndrome. Never are happy with their own selves and is, always wanting to, copy somebody else.

So celebrate the True You and then consciously work on improving yourself, step by step.

Secondly, focus on Facts and Focus on your Work and not on your Emotions.

Not on your nervousness, Not on your tensed nerves. Let me give you Two magic words. Whenever you are caught, or caught in a situation, when you have got to present something and are worried about how people will judge you, just tell yourself these two magic words, my dear friends, ‘So what”?.

When people mock you, where people are there to judge you, you need to tell yourself, ‘So   what’? Do not allow them to validate your work. It is your work that matters and not their talk.

Thirdly, be well read and be well informed. Do good through research, on a said topic of discussion. Identify that particular ‘value add’ in your work for the formal presentation, and ensure that you speak it up and verify them with facts and produce the proof necessary.

Proof when you are speaking on it. Remember as far as the body language is concerned, Heads up   and direct eye contact. Looking at the brows also is a very good way for those people to counteract the problem of direct eye contact.

It helps them make comfortable and eases them during conversations.   So, the third and the most important point is heads up and direct eye contact. The fifth one, use the right terms and powerful words, which speak louder than long sentences.

Avoid “must be”, “should be” because these words reflect doubt and not confidence. What are the   words which reflect confidence? Using words like, “This is why, I think so”, “Did you know,   this is what happens”, “Oh yes”.

These are a few words, we come across from, also those salesmen, who speak in Hindi like, “Ji haan, Yeh aap ko teen din ka aaram denge”, “Kya aap ko maloom tha”?

These are some of the words, which you can use in English, as you speak, during a formal presentation. The sixth one, your conviction should sound in your voice. Believe in what you say strongly, my dear friends, and this will reflect in your voice, tone, pitch and eyes.

Be comfortable with your mistakes, is the next one. It is normal to make mistakes. Remember the   best today, also were people, who made mistakes when they started, and they may be, still making mistakes today.

So please feel comfortable with your mistakes. Eighth one, stop seeking perfection in the first go itself. Stop expecting overnight changes, in you. Work slow and bring in steady changes.

The next one, see the opportunity and not the battle. We often get baffled when we get   an opportunity to present something formally, and this is the first challenge that we face.

Henceforth, whenever you get an opportunity to present, see it as a wonderful time to put in your best and not a battle with which you have to get over with.

And the last one, my dear friends, Visualize Success. No matter whatever you are, you should tell yourself, “I am the best and I   will be the best, very soon”. Hope you find the above tips useful.

These are my dear friends, those 10 powerful tips, which can really build your confidence, if you consciously work upon.

Put them into practice today and share your experiences, in the comments section below. Wish you a very ‘CONFIDENT SELF ' always. Share, if you find the inputs useful.

See you soon, in my next.

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