Creative Common Best way to earn money in youtube 2020

Let's start this video by saying that creative commons do not work anymore so if you've paid a certain amount of money on courses and they tell you to filter out videos and search for creative commons or videos.

That should be fair use and you upload them on youtube you make money from that well that edge is over it doesn't work anymore so i won't sell your courses just tell you how it is with no bs absolutely free.

So you can actually make money on youtube without showing your face. I talk about all things personal branding and making money online and we're a team of three people and two video editors and.

We try to bring you from one to three videos every single day to bring you as much value as possible and to take over the make money online niche so before we start take it put it in the shoutout.

And shout you out in one of the next videos just like this okay so we are on youtube right now and we'll type something like cat videos right and if we go over any of these channels.

For example the first one tiger productions we click on the channel i have a bunch of tubes a bunch of tools like tubebuddy bead iq and i'll have my sound off because i don't want to get copyright and the tools that i have tubebuddy and vidiq have links for them in description down below can show me a bunch of steps for example.

For this channel i can see that he's making around 7 million views by just uploading 4 videos this month soif this channel is currently monetized because we're just using this channel as an example and.

He's making 7 million views that's 7 million divided by a thousand views because normally you calculateviews by the thousands and it's also a term called rpm a whole video on it you can see the cards above a normal channel average something like mine would be five dollars.

Let's say because it's cat videos let's say it's three dollars so if this channel is making three dollars per thousand views it's making twenty three thousand dollars currently without uploading a lot of videos just four videos and over the whole time.

It made over a billion views so if we say that it's around this number with a thousand after it we multiply it by five bucks wecan say that this channel has made millions of dollars obviously the results can vary do your own due diligence.

This is no financial medical advice don't zoom me bro but you can see the channels are making money before it was really easy you take some videos from the internet that someone else made you would search cat videos you just click on filterright here.

And then from here you would click divs button creative comments which means these are mainly creators that allow these videos to be shared. The issue with that is youtube won't let you get monetized right you won't pass the monetization phase all you gotta do to pass it and to make videos like this is.

Yes search for creative commons videos but remember you gotta use a voiceover you gotta record yourself either with the phone or if you want to do it better because you're not a native speaker just like i'm not a native speaker you can go on fiverr and have a link for it down below and.

Just type in voiceover right here in the search bar and you see that people are doing voice overs very very cheap i'm trying to get this to load but as you can see you know there's some for five bucks for 15 bucksfor 20 bucks you can go ahead search for something that's youtube search for a good voice.

You can also negotiate it if you're going to be making a lot of videos so this is the way you do it you create you get videos that are creative comments which means you're allowed to share them you make a video and you voice it over or you add your own commentary.

Like you're seeing a cute cat and you're reacting to oh look at this what this cat did or something like this and this is the only way to actually make it work today if this video helped you out and you appreciate that i did not charge you 200for a course and it just told you off that in like three minutes or something within.

See you next one bye.

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