Easy Youtube Monetization Process 2020, Quickly Get Adsense For Youtube 2020

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Youtube Monetization Policies 2020  

Hello guys welcome back again, so today we are going to talk about our Youtube monetization policies 2020 but not the aspect that you think it is so we are going to show you the first process that you supposed to take before your monetization.

So i don't i thought you all of us knows that and if you've not know so i'm telling you right now that you're supposed to meet up with this requirement   before your monetization which means you have to have your 4,000 watch time and within a 12 months and  your 1,000 subscribers within a 12 month range of 365 days so you can get monetize with youtube.

What is the meaning of the Youtube Monetization 2020 ?

it just it simply means partnering with youtube with your content  with this your talk just use it to make money here and put something inside your pockets.

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So just easy to make money so that is just the simple way and a simple meaning of monetization so what do you need first before applying for the monetization that is what i told you so that is  the requirement but you have to have your adsense account before you get into your monetization.

Oh ! so sorry so before we go into that our housings monetization processing and the trend you want to   know what the requirement is all about and how you can get it easily within 12 months within one month or within three weeks how you can get it easily and now you can get it faster that it's it will stretch you or that it soon gives you.

A lot of panic or a lot of fears so let's go into our heart since how we can uh our houses and how we can make it so let me easily simply quickly explain to us that in the means of essence you should pay you money you can't if you don't have us as accounts you can't hands money from youtube.

Your money will just block there so youtube will started shopping your money you started eating   your money so you have to have an access account before you can get before you can end that.

So what should we where should we start from okay so i'm going to show how super saiyan no let me   just show today let me show us how we can make it or how we can create our youtube adsense account 2020 with youtube with ourselves with youtube.

So maybe next or that time i can show us how we can create our adsense accounts withwebsites because it's it's in two in two ways so it's even yeah   two ways you can create an asset account you can link your assets account with your youtube channel.

  • You can also link it with your website if you want but that means that you have a long time access account adsense account.

  • But if you don't have a long time adsense account that it  has already been approved and you just want to create it now with your website it takes a lot of time that is when a lot of people do complains that their monetization takes like eight months or six months.

No it's because they made mistake and they went to create their own accounts from  access so you don't have to create your accounts with access  like   making it in your website so you will create it direct to youtube.

So today we are going to show us how we can create an Adsense account with youtube :

So let's go into it without talking too much actually helps you how you can create your home how you can allow your video to search better for people to see your video on youtube.

How you can allow people to get to know you more how you can get a lot of views  and how you can get a lot of subscribers so just click on it it helps you so i don't need to talk   too much on that the video will tell you.

Youtube Monetization is easy or difficult ?

Oh! is it easy so guys monetization is not difficult the way we think it is and the application it's very easy i got monetized within seas has so you go to your browser but you have to do this thing before you can make it easier for you.

And you have to have your heart set up and this is   the way you can easily create.

it will guide you so just go to any of your browser   that you are using log in your adsense account as you have seen adsense.com.

you can see it right here access does come with two opens like this this is the image this is how it is so just go here you can click this place you can click this place if you have before you can log in easily you will just go there.

and do it so we have to click that place as fresh as get started it will opens like this so you go to your youtube your youtube address you go and copy your   link there uh from your youtube then link the of your channel.

How to apply for youtube monetization 2020 :

  1. So you put the url here the url so you drop your link so you put your link in the link bar and you scroll down.

  2. You put the email you are going to use the email that you are using for your youtube account so you drop your email here which email we are going to use okay assuming we are going to use this one okay let's just use   that one and you come to the next stage.

  3. and okay so this place get help from her since and if you are fresher, so i encourage you to click yes so they will guide you okay so they will guide you they'll send it to your link so you click save and continue it becomes like this so you're about to proceed again.

You click to youtube continue to youtube use different you are if you are a url so if you are going to change the link that is what i mean so here you click on continue.

Youtube Partner Program 2020 :

Continue in youtube so it opens like this the youtube partner program 2020  basic so channel approved   monetization my channel was rejected something makes money.

So you have to be vigilant because  a lot of people so just go through this place read it or something like that so you go to youtube monetization policy you just read everything just be careful because a lot of   people get denied through that process.

So come in i'm just close this one so a  lot of people get the knife through the uh the processing and you are going to click   on this one okay the legend will already know it approved now.

So you click on this so click from that place if you see this video right here you can click on it and watch it it   will guide you helps you and tells you about the minute of monetization something now you can the way you can has money.

so this is it what the money is saying inside the video is this they are writing they've wrote it all uh the same so these are the things they will check on your checklist.

So you have to be you have to read it very well familiar with it so you won't make any mistakes so   you won't get yourself involved in any mistakes silly mistakes like this can lead to denied so a lot of if you go to youtube support or creator support.

you see a lot of questions there so you go   down here you click on uh channel monetization so it needs you to your home it will lead you to your  studio once you get into your studio it shows you like this so it's as if you've not eligible here.

And your subscriber is your subscriber counting and here right here is your watch time huh so you   are going to click on this and notify me when i'm eligible when you are up to the requirement.

So it will notify you you just click on it notify me when i'm eligible so it will easily notify you   but if you of uh you've already notified it so this it will mail you when.

So these are the things that that helps me these are the things that helps me so that makes me to quickly   uh do my faster and that makes it to get faster so sorry and that this is why they made me also.

So   sorry you've already qualified for it you have your thousand washer so it comes like this so it   reacts you to apply so you go down then you apply so you apply the first stage the second stage and.

The third stage who started automatically itself so i guess we've already learned how we can learn how we can create our how we can create our heart signs with our youtube so it's very very easy.

Here is how we can create adsense for website but i guess  in some other times so this one is not for today because this one really tastes long process so if you're really interested in it works i can guide you later.

So once you uh click uh email me it will be like this so they will email you   when you are eligible for it so easily you can get start on it so that is the easiest way how you can easiest way how you can apply for adsense 2020.

Your attention so guys i guess i've putting us through a little bit at least how we can how we can register for our youtube but since before we get monetized very very easy it can easily help you that is what helps me and guide me that is what puts me through.

And that is what allow me and helps me to make it within six hours so you can actually save this video into watch later it will helps you also i need to put you through so save it.

and if you don't know how to get in touch learn more about your youtube studio see it right below   right here behind me so learn heat immediately you can easily get along with your youtube studio so through your youtube city you can sorry guys so you can learn a lot of things and from there so thank you so much for today.

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