Email Introduction 2020 : Email Content Writing Tips For Beginners

Welcome all, Email Introductions. Though email introductions are more or less on their way towards exit, however, it means to give an email introduction, then here are a few good tips towards it.

First and foremost let us understand a certain Do’s of a good email formal introduction. Talk briefly about yourself and little more about your work maybe into 4/5 lines about yourself, the work, the value add and in case you are into business, then a little about your business and.

How it will help the receiver at the other end. Mention what they will receive rather than what you are all made up off.

Secondly, Remember to ensure that this profile which you're mentioning in your email matches to those of yours which you have put up on all your social media handles.

Thirdly, mention the online links of your profile or business that you would like your receiver to refer for additional reference on your profile or on your business.

Next, if you may attach any promotional materials like your biodata or for the businessmen or for the entrepreneurships who prefer to attach a portfolio or a brochure, then please remember to keep these attachments light.

Those which are easily and quickly downloadable. Disclaimers if any, to be mentioned towards the end. And lastly, For all those of you who would be not available for a revert mail and are dependent on the auto reply mode of the email.

Please remember to preferably mention an approximate indication of the revert time and the period in the auto reply. Helps those who want to reach you within a certain period. Now let us look at the sample message here.

I hope the formal message which has been presented to you as a sample has given you some clarity   on how your email should sound as far as your introduction is concerned.

Now let us understand the Don'ts of a formal email introduction. First and foremost, For those individuals or startups out there, No long detailed signature. Remember to keep your email signature short   and not too long or big.

For those businesses and those who are meeting official purposes, the standard format of the signature of the company is already there. So meet the format   of the company’s signature line.

Secondly, people are so used to using so many colors in the text. Please remember Not more than two colors in the text. Keep the fonts to Sans Serif. My personal favorite is Georgia font for its sheer clarity and visual appeal.

Font size to be normal. No Use bold and CAPS. If at all the need is there please remember to use Bold and Caps very very selectively. Loud blaring emails are a clear no in formal communication.

Friends, fourth most important point, No mass mail forwards. No emails spam including others emails,   ids to be forwarded as and when you are trying to interact on a formal mail communication.

Next, No use of acronyms or unprofessional short forms. Like LOL, emojis etc. unless it is very relevant to be used for that purpose. Marking cc only to the necessary is the next point. Please remember, don’t go on a mass cc marking to all those to whom you are sending the email.

Even if they would have nothing to do with the information in the mail. Lastly, most of us have a habit to reply back on the mail keeping the email id of the sender in its place.

Now what happens is when the email is already present there, we tend to often click the send button without being ready with the finished mail. And hence it is advisable you Type the email id of the Sender only after you’ve completed the mail.

That’s all for today’s session. I hope the introduction series helps you introduce yourself in your best. Do like, share and subscribe to my channel for further more such informative and interesting videos.

I will look forward to your views in the comments section below.

Coming back to you shortly with more such articles, which I’m sure will help you, in your professional and personal growth.

See you in my next.

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