How To Build Domain Authority 2020

What's up, guys. So, do you wanna know How to build Domain Authority? Maybe you're worried your Domain authority isn't high enough, and that's why you're not getting the rankings you need from Google.

Well, in this video, I'll teach you exactly how to build domain authority, the mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to DA, and why DA potentially isn'tas important as you think.

Now, if you're not familiar with what Domain Authority is, this is basically Moz's Metric of measuring a website's authority. Right? So, the theory is the higher your DA, the higher your rank on Google.

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So, when it comes to Moz's DA metric, this is basically all about backlinks. Now, actually, if you Google How to build Domain Authority, you'll see a lot of talk about on page SEO or, you know other metrics involved in SEO.

But actually, on Moz's official page they mentioned that specifically backlinks are the most important way to increase your DA. So, this comes down to link building. Right?

So, what you need to do is start building authoritative backlinks to your website. And the more backlinks you get to your site, the higher DA is going to be. Now, this is quite simplified, but at the same time, that's specifically how Moz's metric works.

Now, why is that? It's simply because backlinks are the most important ranking factor, when it comes to SEO. So, if you want to grow your site, then chances are, you need more backlinks and potentially more content too.

But usually, this comes down to backlinks. Now, if you want some easy techniques on how to grow your site of link building, well, I would have started with the Skyscraper Technique, HARO and potentially Guest Blogging.

Now, if you want some tips on how to do that specifically, step by step, then check out my tutorials on my link building outreach playlist, and you'll discover exactly how to build backlinks for your site.

Now, if you start getting links from authoritative websites, your DA is inevitably going to increase. But it may take time, because, you know, there's millions of websites out there.

And Moz's crawler has to go through each of these sites to index your backlinks. So, potentially it could beone, two, even three months before you see an increase in your DA, after link building.

So, when it comes to how to build your DA, this really comes down to patience and consistent link building with authoritative sites. Next up, you need to focus on quality.

And you may be thinking cheers Julian, You know I was only going to build crappy quality links, but now that they say that, I'll make sure that I build high quality links instead.

But, this sounds obvious, however, most people don't do it. If you look at most backlink profiles for any type of website, you see that low quality links are coming into that site.

And if you do that, if you build low-quality links like this, then it's not gonna increase your domain authority and it's gonna cause more harm than the good.

In fact, if you get lots of spammy links to your site, then chances are not only is your DAD not going to improve, but also your site's rankings will not improve either.

Now Moz also states that if you get links from websites with high amounts of traffic, then that's going to increase your DA too. And that makes sense, because, you know if a website is getting traffic from Google, then chances are thatGoogle likes that site, and therefore, you're more likely to have an authoritative link there.

And vice versa, if the website doesn't get any traffic, then chances are Google doesn't like it, and therefore it's not a high quality link.

So that's something else to be aware of when you're link building, is to check the website organic traffic levels. Now, when it comes to Moz's DA algorithm, they also ignore very spammy links.

So, if you're getting tons of backlinks, but they're all low quality and spammy, then chances are, Moz's domain authority metric, is gonna ignore those links and your DA will not increase.

So, for example, if you go into Fiverr and you get a thousand backlinks, and they're all low quality, then chances are, that's not going to improve your DA.

So don't just think, right, If I build a thousand backlinks and I buy them from anywhere, that's gonna increase my Domain Authority. That algorithm doesn't really work like that.

Now, one big thing you need to be aware of, is that even if you do build your DA, that doesn't necessarily mean that your website's rank is gonna improve.

And this is a big oversimplification of SEO. You know, most people think that if you get a higher DA, then that means that your website's rank is automatically going to improve overnight. But, SEO doesn't really work like that.

And this is kind of like a vanity metric. Okay? Domain authority is a decent indicator of how authoritative a website is. But, if you just look at that and nothing else, then it's simply a vanity metric. It doesn't really make much difference to your rankings.

You know, this isn't an official ranking factor for Google. So, even if you do increase your DA, it doesn't mean your rankings are gonna improve. And don't think, awesome DA ready, I'm definitely going to rank high on Google.

That's not the case. So you have to be careful looking at things from the wrong angle. So for example. Right? I'm in Taiwan right now, and currently I'm learning Chinese.

This is a really difficult language, but you know, if I set a target of hitting a thousand words that I remember off by heart, that doesn't mean that automatically I can speak Chinese fluently. Okay?

I could be getting the grammar wrong. I could be getting the pronunciation wrong. My listening skills might not be right.

So it's a similar case with domain authority, just because you have a high DA it doesn't mean that you're automatically gonna rank high on Google. It's not about the numbers.

It's not about the vanity metrics. When it comes to SEO, you have to look at your website from lots of different angles before you start seeing an increase in rankings.

And you have to make sure you're not asking yourself the wrong questions. If you just focus on increasing your DA, then you may be ignoring, optimizing your website keyword strategy, or your on-page factors.

These are all crucial elements of the SEO strategy that you need to consider to make sure that your websites rank increase. 

And if you have any questions about link building or domain authority, let me know in the comments section below.

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