How to generate Quality Leads in 2020 - Quick Leads Method

All right, today I'm going to talk about How to generate quality leads in 2020, you have heard before about money in the list. So I would like to talk about why actually list or generate leads.

So important, let's imagine something bad happened with your websites, maybe your websites got indexed.

I don't know if something happened, right. And then you are gonna lose all the traffic, you'll have no organic traffic at all, if something goes wrong.

So if you have a good list,  you can just send some few emails to all the users and then say, hey, something bad happened. With   my website, here is my new website, go and check it.

Now it's much better, even,   oh, let's say your YouTube channel got banned or something or someone hacked it.

So that means   you can also do the same thing, you can just send an email saying, hey, someone hacked my YouTube   channel. And oh, something bad happened with my YouTube channel. So here is the new channel.

And if you have a question, put a comment below, I will reply to all the questions. So we just   talked about when something bad happened with your website, or YouTube, there's only an example,   let's talk about something positive, something really good.

Let's say you are making a product,   you are making an info product. So you can just send an email and then say, Hey,   I just created this info product, you can go and get it.

So first hundred people  get a 40% discount, you know, so it's like this, because you have already collected quality leads,   and you have also made a good list.

So that's why people say money in the list, I just put some   points, maybe you can see the main points there.

So how to generate quality leads, first thing first,   you need to know your audience, right? Because I am an internet marketer, I am talking about SEO   and internet marketing people who are watching my videos.

People who are coming to my websites, they   are interested in internet marketing, or search engine optimization, or how to make money online,   or how to rank YouTube videos and this stuff, right?

So that's my audience, right?   So if I'm promoting something else to them, let's say I'm talking about some gardening stuff,   right? That is totally something else. Right?

That is not my niche. And people who are   on my website, they go crazy. Hey, what is this, and we are here to learn internet marketing. And now we are talking about gardening.

You know, that's so important to know your audience. So technically, you cannot just ask,   Hey, give me your email address. Now I can't do that. I mean, why should I give you my email address? Right? Someone will ask.

That's why we made a good lead magnet. So you make something   unique. And you are giving this for free. Right? You are given the lead magnet and then you get the email address and the person's name. Right. So that's how it works.

That's why we call lead   magnet you know magnet is like leads coming to the magnet. So that's why we call lead magnet.

So when we make a lead magnet, it's so important like I said before relevancy, right? So you should   give something relevant.

So now we will ask, okay, what can I give as a lead magnet case studies are   really, really working. So let's say if I made a case study about traffic.

How I made 2000 visits into 50,000 visits in one month, you know, because they are already interested because they   are on your website.

That's why they are there. Right. And then you promote this you can put a pop   up or end of the page where it doesn't matter where it is the main thing is it is free, right? People   love free stuff like, but that doesn't mean you can just give anything.

Right, you need to make sure your lead magnet is really, really worth. That's why they would like to give their email   address to get the lead magnet. So case studies, or you can give a book PDF, something, some secret tips, you know.

I will give you an example, let's say you have a website or a niche website,   how to stop snoring, right. And there's an article, and there is a lot of content on your   website.

And you can make a lead magnet. That's how you stop snoring in two months. So these are   my five secret tips, which I haven't included in the website, you know, because they are already   there, because they are interested, or they have a problem with sleeping.

Because they are snoring so   loud. I mean, they don't have a problem because the other person has a problem because when it   is too loud, other people cannot sleep.

Right? So anyway, the other tip is you can always think like your visitor, imagine you can fix a problem, but you can give a solution to their problem.

And they would like to get it right. So when you think like your visitor thinks, I like to have an ebook about snoring. So do I like to give my email to get 10 secret tips to   stop snoring in one month, you know.

So that's how it works, you can easily think like your visitor, and think whether you will like to get that lead magnet, I will give you another example.

Let's say you have an article about how to optimize your website, right to get more traffic. And then you can make a small case study, it takes some time, but it is really really worth it.

I mean,   in the long run, it really helps just make a new website. And you can document how   you got this website, zero traffic into maybe 20,000 traffic, what you did, you know, I mean,   we fight, think like a visitor, I would like to get that.

I mean, that is my niche. That is my   interest, right? I like this stuff, I want to improve my traffic, I would like to get   more traffic now.

So who doesn't like to get much traffic into the niche website or their blog?   Right? So that's the best thing you can do to give a case study. It's case studies are   so powerful.

I have seen many people doing it. And even I have like maybe the beginning   when I have given my email address to get that case study because that is so real,   right? It's not like reading a PDF, right? Oh, you can take a one month course for free.

Right. So that doesn't mean you need to make like a hundred videos. So let's say you can make   seven videos, which you can do for free. That means so one email is going today. And the   other emails are going in four days, five days.

So in one month period, so you can promote, hey,   do you like to get my seven video course for free. So that is going every four days or five days.   So somehow it is going for one month?

That's a good thing, because you can make a good connection   with the visitor. Right? Because trust is the key, right? You have to build trust between you   and the visitor.

Right. And then if you have made a course, which is $47 and then after one month,   you can send an email saying hey, by the way, I made a course and I have included all my secrets   as well.

And this is what I am doing daily to get much more traffic. Do you like to get it?   If you get it, I will give you a 20% discount, you know? So that's how, because these people already   know you, right?

Because you have communicated for a one month period. And then they will like to   buy it, right, because you have already shown your skills you have already shown your trust. So that   is how powerful email lists are.

This is why people should collect quality leads, leads are really,   really important, right. So when you get much traffic, and then your list also growing really,   really fast.

That's a whole nother level. But always think like your visitor, right, that's a   big key, add, and then give you what they would like to get for free. I mean, it doesn't mean like   a big course or something, you can make a small video course, like I said before.

And then make   a lead magnet out of it, you can always make more lead magnet, that means let's say you have a post   about how to optimize your homepage, right.

And there's another article, there's another post,   how to find low competitive cases for your YouTube channel. Right. So you can make two   lead magnets and put them each page, you can put a you can make a lead magnet about SEO.

Let's say you can easily make a lead magnet saying hey, these are the 20 tips, you can improve your   organic traffic, right? So you can put that lead magnet on that page on page optimization page   and you can make another lead magnet, this is how I grow my YouTube channel.

Right? You can put that lead magnet on that page, which is how to how to find low competitive   keywords for your YouTube channel, but the main key is it should be relevant, it should be   relevant, it is the biggest key right?

It should be relevant and it should be something valuable.   Right? I mean, everybody likes to get something valuable for free, right. So in that case,   you can make quality leads.

So this is how to generate quality leads, it works,   but you have to put into action. Okay, so that's it. I hope you know how to generate quality   leads now.

If you have a question, please comment below I will reply to all the questions.

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