How to Handle Brand on Youtube 2020 | Basic Brand Strategies for Youtube

Every business owner on the planet can benefit from doing Youtube and video but sometimes you're   just not cut out for it and if you recognize yourself in any of the five categories I'm   about to dig into, maybe that's you and this video could save you a ton of stress and time  so stay with me.

Hi, welcome back if you're new here and on this channel, I give you all   the confidence you need to show up on youtube and video, grow your business and your brand and have fun doing it.

Category number one: you want fast money and   success and you see Youtube as a get rich quick scheme. Or you believe in getting rich quick schemes   period. And it really doesn't matter how you got to this belief either because bottom line YouTube   is not always going to equate to quick money.

That can and does happen but it's not happening for the   vast majority of creators. Add to that the chances of you making money purely because you're making   video and content are highly unlikely and when it does happen not exactly abundant.

Now don't get me   wrong: every now and then you'll hear really quick success stories with YouTube but by and large it's   thinking of YouTube and video as a tool to grow your business that is really the key to winning.

Category number two: you are short-sighted, don't see the bigger picture, or are completely unwilling   to see it. This is a big one and in a way it feeds right back into point number one where I talked   about instant gratification.

Again I will point out that there are some success stories but equally   there are considerably more YouTube channels much like this one that are a classic example of slow and steady wins the race. And yes they might be small but they are certainly mighty.

Look: if you   like so many are coming at YouTube with a sense of entitlement over your view counts and your   subscriber numbers then this video is really all about the tough love. So here it is: YouTube in the   main is a long-term insurance policy against your business.

We'll   start with the fact that the perfect people to do YouTube are the ones that are at least willing   to understand this. They get that doing youtube makes you more visible, like way more visible   which every business owner needs.

Add to that going back to point one: they treat YouTube as a tool and   a fundamental piece of their marketing strategies. Not to mention: one of the simplest roads to   creating digital assets that bring people into your world 24/7.

So if you're someone who creates   say five to seven videos then drop off there and expect your channel to magically blow up   this one's for you. It doesn't work like that and if you are Googling yourself right at this   minute in time and you can't see yourself in those first few pages, stick at it with YouTube.

Take it   seriously and I guarantee you you will be telling a completely different story in 6 to 12 months   time with consistency. Real talk: 12 months ago you couldn't find me on Google. Now it's a completely   different story and this i'm going to remind you is all about the bigger picture.

Category   number three: you're not committed and if you're not there's likely a reason but there are some   very serious questions to ask yourself before you make what could be a potentially costly mistake.

Firstly do you routinely drop things in your life and in your business? And we're not talking pivots   or adapting or real life getting in the way that happens. What we're talking about here is starting   stuff and then just dropping it. If that's you YouTube isn't for you.

If you do drop what   you start routinely, is this a more deep-rooted commitment problem? Because if it is the biggest   favor you can do is be completely honest with yourself. And real-life examples of this can be   anywhere that you have broken promises to yourself in your life or in your business.

Did you do that   30 days straight of exercises you know full well are going to tone up those abs? Did you stick to   the meal plan or did you fall off the wagon and head straight to the takeaway? Did you have this million pound idea for your business but you never saw it through and you repeatedly put it on the   backburner?

If so, these are all signs that you have a bit of a commitment problem and if you're   asking me which you kind of are if you're watching this channel: don't start a youtube channel like   honestly, just don't do it. Comment below with a yes or no if you recognize yourself in any of these   groups.

Group number four: you don't know your audience or your intention is to upload purely   self-serving content. Now I've talked on this channel many times about spaghetti at the wall   strategies that are actually the mother of all killers to youtube channels. So let's give this the   tough love that it deserves.

If you are uploading random videos on various topics for example one   week you're a foodie channel next week you're a tech channel the following week you're a gaming   channel... Not only are you going to confuse your viewers but you absolutely run the risk that not   only are they not coming back they're absolutely not hitting that subscribe button.

And the reason   for this is incredibly simple: they don't know why they should. They don't know what and even more so they   don't really see how their investment of time in your content is going to help them. People come   to YouTube to get questions answered and problems solved.

Of course they come here for entertainment   and inspiration as well and if you're gonna throw random videos all over your channel I promise you   you're gonna hit burnout and you'll quit.

A quick caveat to that though is let's say you have just   started your YouTube channel or you're reigniting your YouTube channel and you're debating on   topics as to what will benefit your audience, play around! Use your first or next eight to ten videos   to litmus test your audience and understand your analytics because you're gonna understand what's   working, what's resonating with your audience and you're gonna know what to double down on.

Take the   data that you collect and use it to inform the topics that you're going to be talking about   on your channel and for who because when it comes time to introduce your products and your services   your audience have no mistake about the fact that you are the one to serve them because they are abundantly clear on what you're an expert in and crucially how you solve their problems!

Give this video a like if you're ready to remove yourself from these five categories and do YouTube   and video better. Number five: you don't have the necessary skills or you are absolutely unwilling   to learn them. Ask yourself this question: do you have the skills or the desire to learn them?

And if you're not sure what the skills are here are just a few of the basic ones. You need to have some   kind of understanding about shooting and editing videos.

That one's a given. Basic graphic design,   SEO, keywords, thumbnails, titles, tags, using the right tools to validate your topic ideas, and also   how to write scripts.

And that's just to name a few. If you aren't skilled or you aren't prepared to   learn the skills in this area but you still want to start a YouTube channel then you're gonna have to learn how to outsource this work to someone else.

And of course with that you need to have the   skill of working with other people. And if you're not sure how to do that or make things happen when   you're working with other people then it's likely you don't have the skills. Now can you get the   skills? Can you learn? Absolutely!

But it all starts with the desire to want to learn and to upskill   and if you don't have these skills or you're not willing to learn them then inevitably your YouTube   channel will fail.

Now if you don't fall into any of these categories and this was the kick up the backside you needed to just go and do the thing already, then my free checklist to get you started   with a youtube channel that also grows your business is for you.

The best time to start a YouTube channel was actually 10 years ago! I missed that memo, but the second best time is right now. So go ahead, take action, create something wonderful today.

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