NVIDIA Master Plan RTX 3080 Launching Date in India

Pretty much the same as the 3080 launch I Would say, yeah. Nvidia RT3090 launched on Thursday September 24th with unsurprisingly low stock available online.

Or at Brick and Mortars if you're interested to see what I have to say about this I suggest you go see my other video about the 3080 launch because it was pretty much the same especially onNvidia website it went from notify me to out of stock like instantaneously.

Many people are pointing to scalpers using bots but of course it might very well just be people who want a single card who are using Bots as well that could be possible or you know it could be some low stock stuff hot items like the 3080 and 3090 were going to sell out instantly.

No matter what really and there is discussion to be had about whether or not and NVIDIAis actually selling their Founders Edition in any meaningful quantity.

It's something I Will touch later on but first I'm going to go through specifications of the 3090 and I know you probably heard all about it from other Tech tubers. You saw all the details and all this and that but.

I just want to go through really quickly and just kind of point at some things that I find interesting about it at least so the 3090 is an incredibly powerful GPU and it is huge. It is massive and weighs almost 2 kilos.

Much like the 3080 the performance was overhyped with a performance being only about 10 to 15% over the 3080 and the thing that kinda bugged me the most was the whole marketing of it, the 8K marketing.

This 3090 will do 8Kgaming look at all these professional Gamers playing on 8K being wowed like oh my God it's8K it’s amazing “I can’t believe it’s not butter” well we know now that it only works in a few titles and it uses dlss to upscale.

The 1440p which is impressive it still is impressive but a lot of benchmarks are still showing that it's not really getting those kind of 60 frames per second numbers on 8K and that's assuming you can actually afford an 8K TV in the first place which are insanely expensive but I guess.

If you're someone is going to be buying an 8K TV you'll easily be able to afford one of these cards or maybe2 the cooler on the 3090 is almost identical to the one on the 3080 it looks just beefierright and with all that extra weight.

It's going to have better heat soak and what we saw in tests so far is that it can keep the card on full load at about 80 degrees or below with the flow through design not really affecting CPU temps in any meaningful way coming in at 1499 USD.

And upward of 3500 AUD I'm very sorry Australia the 3090 price-to-performance is definitely not going to win any awards but of course this is a Halo product and it doesn't really shut the economy anyways right which brings us to who is.

This card actually for because nvidia's marketing kind of led us to believe that this card was 8K gaming the ultimate gaming experience ultimate play right and well I guess that could be true if you're one who has a ton of money you got endless amounts of money to spend.

You're that kind of person who will pay for whatever you can buy that will give you the absolute best performance. Go ahead buy that 3090 but really why aren't they just marketing this to creators and I Know they've made statements about that since the launch because.

I think that's what is really for right people who can actually utilize 24 gigabytes of RAM you know 3D modelling and rendering and although the 3090 doesn't currently have access to some of those driver optimizations that are typically seen on a Titan level card.

It could be still implemented down the road I don't really hold my breath on it though because we're probably going to see a Titan ampere card anyways either way if you're someone who could use the power of this car outside of gaming $1,500 is actually kind of a great deal granted that.

It works well with the applications that you plan to use it with speaking of buying the card much like the 3080 you can't buy it right now unavailable everywhere it’ll come in stock eventually but you can go to eBay of course like most things scalpers are bound but watch out some people are actually selling pieces of paper.

In place of it and inside the description it says paper so people bought that people bought that I don't know if they get their money back or not it is quite deceptive but it's in the description so who knows so I Don't want to dwell in this too much but I want to kind of talk about the conspiracy theory.

Through the Grapevine stuff that just take it with a grain of salt don't take it too seriously because it could all be nonsense anyways and that's about Nvidia and theirFounders Edition card in the availability of it and it's something I've been thinking about quite a lot.

I’ve heard definitely a lot of people talk about this have different theories about why it's not in stock and really the main thing why can't you just get in line to get this Founder's Edition Card you know like most things even if you go to other websites and you want to buy a custom card you can go ahead and backorder.

The thing right you can go ahead and often places I've seen near me you can pre-order it by just putting down deposit for even the full amount of the card why didn't they give you that option why isn't there the option on the Nvidia website to go ahead and pre-order essentially a founders edition 3080 or 3090.

Why can't I do that? Why won't they give me that option to have this card that is supposed to be $700 but you can't buy it? Are they trying to push you to buy the custom cards? That's what I'm thinking. They want to show you this beautiful card.

It's a beautiful card look at this look at his cooler it's gorgeous I mean look whatall the tech tubers are saying about it I mean it it looks great doesn't it apparently it's really expensive to produce and the margins at Nvidia is getting on these Founders edition cards is very low.

And it's not within the margins that they find acceptable and what they're doing is they're producing very few of these cards sending them out to reviewers. They obviously sold some of them because you can buy them from eBay.

I've seen a few people here try to sell them on Craigslist but I don't suspect they're going to be back in stock and when they finally do release those 20 GB versions of the 3080 and the 16GB version of the 3070 I suspect that they're not even going to making any Founder's edition cards like that like Nvidia is a multibillion-dollar company.

They just bought ARM for whatlike 40 billion dollars. That's huge. They have the resources to get this thing ready. I am convinced that they do not want to sell you a Founder's Edition card leaving us to go ahead and.

Buy the overpriced custom cards at the premium what we already see right now they’re crashing they’re crashing because of the poor components that they’re putting in these cards we’re seeing that the Founder's edition cards are basically.

The best cards that you can buy may not necessarily be cooling right away but for excellent components so if you want to get those out of the custom cards you probably going to have to go ahead and buy the ROG Strix which is the most expensive one of course not necessarily just.

The ROG Strix but you know other cards at those high-end custom card variants and that's really disappointing I got to stress this again NVIDIA why can't we get in line why can't we get in line to buy a Founder's Edition.

I'm sorry I'm getting all riled up but just I’ve been watching so many videos listening to different podcasts all about this stuff and it just kind of gets on my nerves a little bit seeing this kind of behaviour from a huge company that has so much money let me cool down let me cool down.

Okay soI would very likely be completely wrong about all of this stuff right could be completely wrong just looking like Charlie day getting into conspiracy theories so please let me know in the comments below what you think about this whether NVIDIA is trying to pull strings behind the scenes to inflate the prices and.

All that or if this is simply some kind of marketing and Manufacturing failure on their part that has led to this.

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