7 most powerful techniques to communicate successfully 2020

Greetings. Have you ever experienced less confidence in yourself while trying to write, talk or convey, something to someone?

Do you fear being judged or laughed at, by people at meetings or gatherings? Are you too conscious of going out and connecting with people at social gatherings?

Do you feel incomplete of what you wanted to convey and regret it later, of not having to do so? If the answer is yes to all these questions, then this session is for all of you, out there.

Hey all. A warm welcome to the session, on how to increase communication skills. Communication is great, as long as you are able to successfully convey your thoughts to someone, then, be it in your professional or personal life.

So today, let us understand these 7 most powerful techniques, that one needs to keep in mind to communicate successfully.

The first one, Simple Words: Start Slow, Grow Steady. Accept that no one is perfect, including you and me. As much as this is true, it is also true that each one of us have the scope to improve upon ourselves.

Hence, start with the use of simple words when you learn to communicate or are trying to learn a new language. So begin slow, with the use of simple words and not big terminologies.

Next one, try ‘Word a Week’: This formula works with many. One new word should be mastered by you in one week, which brings it to a total of four words on an average for a month, which again brings it to an average 48 new words that you would have learnt in a year.

Isn't that amazing? Pick up one word, understand its meaning and contexts in which it is used, from dictionaries or online material. Oh yes, this word should be preferably some word which you use in your daily office communication.

After this, remember to use this word, which is related to your office use, consciously daily in your routine office life while speaking or while writing, helps you to master on an average, 48 new words in a language at the end of the year.

Third one, try the Mirroring Technique: Learn to speak on topics like, ‘introducing yourself’, ‘my favorite idol, my favorite music track etc. in front of the mirror. This helps you not only get more confident but also detect flaws in your facial gestures, body language etc.

The fourth one, learn to laugh at your mistakes, not frown or feel low, but promise yourself to be better next time. Making mistakes in pronunciations, in spellings, in grammar, is normal.

While writing, use the help of spell check tools, available in the software while speaking, use the help of pronunciation tools, to get the right pronunciation of words.

The fifth one, read and Meet more people: Read books, magazines, newspapers, online stuff to improve your vocabulary.

This will help you with good words. Read more books and related online material in the language you want to master, which reminds me of the fact, as to how the most popular search engine Google, offers you multiple language choices these days, to read and understand its material.

Meet people who are comfortable talking a lot in that language to learn the nitty gritties of that language or the pronunciations of that language.

Engaging more in reading and meeting people improves the way you speak.

The sixth one. Listen to Learn more: Listen attentively to people, online tutorials, songs, TV serials, movies that you watch often. Opt to listen in the language you want to learn.

This will help in words used, contexts in which these words are used or referred to and the usual pronunciations the language needs.

Listening will also help you understand the person’s state of mind and the emotions attached to a language, or the words in the language, which in turn betters your own communication skills.

A word of caution: Observe the Discomfort in others when you speak. Are they confused? Are they angry? Are they disinterested? It could be that the person is irritated, out of you trying to make sense, out of your conversation.

Is this attitude of others making you feel awkward or withdrawn? Hold on to your reins. Do not feel ashamed.

Just go slow. Clarify to the person, what you were meaning, in the language you are comfortable in, then continuing in the same mode, of making mistakes in the new language that you would be learning.

And now my dear friends, for the most important Magic Tip to increase your Communication Skills for today’s session and that is, Think in that Language: If it is a language that you are planning to learn, then, start thinking in that language.

For e.g. If you are a Hindi speaking person and you are listening to me, right now, you are going to think, Remember, many of us are comfortable and that too, for a lifetime, to think in our mother tongue.

Train your brain to practice thinking in the language, you want to learn. If it is English, then learn to think in English. And, starting to think in that language, will translate into the words that you speak, eventually, already translating into the words that you would like to express through the language.

So, the most important magic tip for today, amongst all the other tips for today, my dear friends is, start thinking in the language that you would like to master as a part of your communication skills.

Some Great Sample Connect Words in the language of English while speaking to people are the use of words like, “That’s great”, “That’s true”, “Interesting”, “I agree”, “I can relate to because”, “That’s right because”.

Hope you find the above tips useful. This comes from my experience. Try this. Even one tip amongst all the seven, adds to better your communication skills.

I will look forward to your experience and sharing in the comments section, given below, as to which one of these tips, really helped you start working on your communication skills.

Friends, life is so lifeless without communication. Communication is the connecting bond between relationships.

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