How to write a blog post that actually gets traffic, SEO of Blog post 2020

How to write a blog post that actually gets traffic yeah so if you are writing blog posts or you are paying someone to write your blog post but.

If your blog post doesn't get traffic that mean you are gonna waste your time onoh you are gonna lose your money right but the thing is everybody get :

The first step - wrong right not everybody but most people especially beginners so first thing first keyword research so keyword is the most important thing in your business imagine just forget about article writing right forget about forget about seo forget about internet marketing everything.

Let's say if you want to start a show business so you want to sell shoes, that means you need to find out okay what kind of shoes really are selling well or what are the shoe prices right and how many shops in your city are right.

So there are things you need to check before you start your business right so that means the same thing so you need to do the research before you write your blog post.

So keyword research is the main main thing like i said before you need to do it before right you need to understand what is the competition what are the websites ranking for these keywords what are the keywords

you want to target for and if your website is new that means your website has zero backlinks right and your website has zero authority right so your website is like a baby right so you need to target for low searches everybody like to get a lot of traffic right.

So if there's a keyword which has 10 000 searches for a month right everybody loves this right everybody loves this uh keyword so when your website is new and when your website has zero backlinks and zero authority and when you jump into that keyword.

What's gonna happen right so your web your blog post not gonna do well for sure and other thing is you are not getting any traffic right so this is why actually you type here.

How to write a blog post that actually gets traffic right so you need traffic so do not do not i am i repeat do not target the bigger uh searches at the beginning right so try to pick up the keywords from the bottom so that means you can go step by step.

So that's the sacred key actually so when you build your authority from the beginning and then you are going to win google's trust as well really soon right i have web websites even uh.

I will put this video here as well i will put a card and this website didn't go through the sandbox because i was not going crazy i was not going crazy with bigger searches because i know what is happening if i target the bigger searches so try with the small searches that's.

The whole whole key so I will use a cool um tool to see it is not expensive as well. I'm going to the screen and I show you how to do it from there so uh let's go to the screen okay.

Now I'm on one of my favorite seo tools. It's really really easy. I've been using this for a few months. It's really effective. Let's say you want to write a blog post about irish wolfhounds. Okay, that is uh.

One dog braid is okay so there are so many dog braids. This particular dog braid is kind of expensive so I have put these names as received keywords because I would like to write an article about this and then this tool says exactly this 53 that says score right.

So competition is fairly difficult so like I said I told you the difficult part is the very very important part is the keyword research keyword research is the main main part you need to know.

If this keyword people are searching or not right or what kind of competition it has so that's what we are doing right here so this is the first page search result on google right so dea is domain authority pa page authority.

There are other things links and url in the description they have put a keyword or not this stuff so when you look at it green is always good better okay but here everything domain authority is actually high right 83 77 98 64 37 72 like this and page authority is high as well we are actually checking what kind of things people are searching about this topic right and here.

We have 700 keywords related to this right so this is a seed keyword and you can see 39 it's okay and when you go down I have checked a few keywords actually.

I'm doing some research for a niche website. Let's say I don't know where it is so there's one it's high another one high another one not that high okay what is that keyword.

I was okay you need to click click on check okay and then the software checking the competition for you alright okay i just found a diamond okay this keyword this one is really really good how much does an irish wolfhound eat it has 50 volume.

Okay searches and the keyword difficulty is so easy so it says competition is very easy so when you go to search okay so when you go to the serp result you can see like there's one website.

Domain authority yeah that is reddit yeah that means uh it's a good sign when you see user generated content all the time it's a good sign that means.

The search is a little bit weak because search doesn't have many related stuff such as results . That's why they are bringing user generated content so when you write a good piece of content.

You can always outrank these websites so as an example quora or reddit or any forums okayand and everything is here it looks really really interesting you can right away write an article exactly this okay you can rank it and you will get traffic okay.

So now you will ask me okay why its volume is 50 but okay it's not much volume right but the thing is this is only one right this is only one keyword but there are many related keywords around.

This so when you rank for one keyword one main keyword that means you have your website your newest blog posts gonna rank for other related keywords as well so those keywords bring more traffic as well right.

So that's the whole thing that's why i said keyword research is the main main thing and uh there's another cool thing in this software you can click on ranking traffic okay then it's checking for you and then.

They are checking what kind of keywords this url or this blog post also ranking okay so if i click on this let's say okay i will click on this 37 keywords so now you can see okay it's kind of a main uh it's not a related one.

Let's say facts oh yeah this is you can definitely write this is like a general information it's not exactly about um about their eating right this one i actually see even.

This one if you click this you don't have to even click it you can see the url it's rankings it's talking about typical expenses but our blog post is how much does an irish wolf wound eatright but they are not exactly targeting this one so.

If you have a niche website about animals or if you have only a website talking about exactly this dope breed okay this irish wolf phone that means your website's definitely gonna rank definitely.

I'm pretty sure about it you need to prepare good content okay so let's maybe click this one okay it's loading okay it's a big this is it okay i'm not gonna block it i'm not gonna unlock this one okay.

Let's say this one feeding the irish wolf so this is why this blog post is ranking okay but the thing is this website looks like a really really amateur type and this website is only talking about this exact dog breed that's why it's ranking that's what i said so it's really really niche specific.

Okay i have to jump into the video because i just mentioned and then i just gave a big tip so when you make your website when you write your blog post whatever you are talking about try to be in a one niche.

When you talk about something specific, okay so let's say your website it's about this dog breed and you have 100 articles and when someone searches on google and when your website talks about only this dog breed google gives you a lot of authority.

So it's a big secret it's a big thing i i really have to tell you guys i was thinking should i really tell you this stuff but i believe when you really give good things to the world and you will get good things and it's a great feeling as well so use that secret to build a lot of authority.

Do not go uh like crazy about all the topics and do not talk about and all the animals in the planet right talk about something specific okay and uh yeah so use this as a big tip.

So I imagine your website is pretty much new so you have zero authority that means you need to build your authority so start from the bottom all the time. Do not target or don't write a blog post about 10 000 searches a month.

When your website is really new and has no authority okay because you are going to waste your time but when you do this like small searches and then your websites going to appear on search that means.

You are going to win google's trust and then authority goes up and your ranking also going up so that means you are going to get more traffic that's how actually i do it i mean i think other all other all.

Seo are doing the same but do not go crazy about bigger searches and write blog posts okay so keyword research is really the key right and then what you can do is so as an example.

I will click this one all the content i will select all the content and then copy and this is one of the coolest plugin count these words okay you can see there are 1800 words right so if you can write a blog post about everything.

There are no this one actually it's really amateur stuff because you don't see any links nothing right there is no call to action right there are no any links at all right but the good thing is.

If you have a good plan, if you are writing about this specific dog breed, definitely you're gonna outrank a lot of websites. Even if you can plan a good silo right, you can have a category for only eating.

This is the main part like I said this is the first step to check okay what are the topics I can write so I think you are here pretty sure because your website has no authority.

and your website doesn't get much traffic right so if you have a big authority website i don't think you are searching on google how to write a blog post that actually gets traffic right i don't think.

So because you would like to learn and your website is I think newor your website is not ranking for anything but the thing is with this strategy you can target small searches mentioned this few times and then you can go for the bigger keyword.

Okay so now you did the keyword research so do the keyword research before you write your blog post if you need traffic to your blog post you need to do your keyword research because.

You want to know what kind of keywords are competitive and what kind of keywords are less competitive right especially if your website is new you need to really go whitlow or less competitive keywords for sure.

So now we are doing the title and the content part okay so uh let's go to the screen back and I'll show you what is a good title and how much content we need to generate and all the other details i just goto google and search our keyword.

So another thing is if you don't know what is this bar is this is called the mossbach which is free you can just register for a free account and you can install it at this moment until.

Now i don't know what i'm gonna do tomorrow at this moment that is free which is actually great okay so you can see all these titles and our keyword is how much does an Irish wolfhound eat so always think as a person who is looking for this answer right.

If you have a world phone or if you if someone who like to know about wolfhound so how much they are eating so that is the person right we are targeting so when we are writing the title or title has to be a catchy one has to be a good one because that's the first thing they read right let's imagine your website is here okay.

This is your website 's ranking for this article so if you don't have a good title it will be only like bouncing here and there and you know it's good. Maybe it's cool it will go back to the second page and come back here something like.

This but the good part is if you have a good title your ranking will go to the top that is uh what we call Click Through Rate right ctr because when you have a good title people click your title and then google see it and google loves what users uh like right so they always like to bring what users like right.

So let's say you can write kind of I'll just give you an idea so how much does an irish whole phone eat right maybe you can write about you know the old the full guide about irish wolfhound eat and step by step to feed your irish wolf it something like this but you need to include.

This keyword that's the first thing right you need to come up with a good title. Always think as the visitor okay then it is easier what they like you know actually we like easy and uh free and the step by step guide or the numbers.

Let's say let's say 21 tips about something you know these are the things we like to click you know and the second thing is the content length for that what you have to do is you need to open these websites okay open this website okay that's a good that's a big contentright.

There how long they live okay it's not exactly how much and what they are okay it's only about the general article about wolf phones it's not exactly about what they're I think or.

How much they're i think you know this kind of stuff and the second one okay second one is this okay that is reddit the good thing is you can i mean i'm pretty sure that you don't have a worldphone dog right but you would like to write an article or you have a niche website about them.

Soi don't know what is your website so the same exact process applies to your website okay and you can get a lot of ideas about this from this user-generated content.

This is what I mentioned and go to each website and check how much content they have right and then write about let's say they have 1000 content 1000 words or 1500 come up with the same amount right or little bit more and.

You can go through this stuff and then you can check and also let's go to key search again so there are keywords related to this okay so do not forget include those keywords into your articles as well other thing is make some inner links right backlinks.

I'm talking about the backlinks within your content always link to other articles mean when it is like when it makes sense okay just do not link uh to everywhere right like crazy but.

If you have few links to go to other your blog post when it is relevant it's always a good sign okay and the other thing is uh so when you write your blog post write a good description you can write a good description include.

These keywords keyword as welland always remember the other the last tip what i'm giving you always remember you are writing unit for google okay you are always always writing for human okay because you need to correct your grammar.

You need to paragraph you need to go like this so there are paragraph breaks right do not include everything like a chunk of text in one big block okay do not don't do that.

Because you want to keep the visitor in your blog article okay and the other thing is always trying to I was I told you that this was the last step okay I'll give another tip always give the answer in the first paragraph give the answer do not talk about and everything about.

The world phone and end of the article give the answer don't do that because people bounce and when people bounce from your blog article so google knows that right that means your website your blog post ranking going to drop right doesn't happen in.

Like really really fast but google noticed that when google noticed that and google put your blog article down in the search okay.

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