How to find the right niche for your niche websites 2020

So today I’m going to talk about how to find the right niche for your niche websites because if you mess up this step that means you're gonna waste so much time and so much money as well.

So when it comes to niche selection people make a big mistake I mean it's okay to make mistakes but   if you know this uh truth you will not make the same mistake again.

The biggest mistake people do go   after big niches that means health or wealth or relationships are really really competitive   and google serves full with big authority websites now.

I’m in the health niche search so the tools are very difficult, yeah that is nothing new so this is what I   wanted to show you so you can see the domain authority maybe.

We'll try fast right fast just a few keywords you can see the same thing crazy right okay so let's say okay let's say how to say let's know let's typical one how to make money online   about the wealth niche right you can see.

You know Forbes there are big ones right there. I'm   pretty sure that you are a beginner. That's why you are watching this video right now. That means   probably you don't have a big budget, and you probably don't have a team to write your content.

Probably you are the one who makes this content you are the one who writes your content so this bigger   authority websites have their own team to make their content and backlinks and everything to compete with these big websites.

You need to have a big budget or team to make your content   so when it comes to selecting your niche do not go after bigger keywords you can just   do a small research right and then you can see all these bigger websites.

You can see all the   big domain authority and page authority and the backlinks and so much content then you know okay.

This is not my niche so if you are a beginner do not I repeat do not go after lose weight or   fitness or make money or affiliate marketing these kind of topics also uh food recipes and.

These are really really really competitive. My first tip: my first tip is go with some normal   less competitive niches. Trust me there are so many niches out there and the important thing is when you go with less competitive niches.

And when you see your website is ranking and your   content is ranking and you get some traffic from google that actually motivates you that   actually motivates you to make great content second biggest tip is do not go laser focus niches.

Right you need to make sure that there are enough topics because you have to continuously   make great content so when you run out of topics and then you cannot make content as well so make   sure your niche is broad right.

So when your niche is broad then you can go with the niche for sure   because there are enough topics to make content and the third biggest tip is make sure there are some products to sell right so example.

Let's say I’m pretty sure you make a website about tennis   or you are making a website or bus table tennis right so let's say you are making a website about   tennis and then you need to think about okay what kind of things.

I can sell so you can sell so this   is only an example you can sell tennis records tennis shoes and tennis sport clothes so much   things right okay just uh search tennis training tool I can find I mean I can search so many things.

You can see there are 1900 searches here that come in from keywords everywhere and when you go   down you will see some tools and uh this one is that's a good one 210 right there's two I mean   there are so many things but uh make sure that.

You are not trying to promote kind of these   like nine dollar or something you know at least you know these are good   price range ranges to uh promote but like.

I said before don't uh go and uh find really a   small one let's say tennis racket turn its record they are expensive ones I’m pretty sure you know. yeah like I said there are I mean so many when you type tennis you can see.

How many things are coming and there are so many things and also you need to make sure   these products are not like two three dollar worth right because when you sell this product.

You when you get pennies as commission I mean come on there is nothing we can do for  in this world right now yeah so make sure there are some good products with good prices and then you can sell and get a commission and.

The fourth biggest tip is make sure there are some   affiliate networks. I mean amazon is good but amazon even dropped the commission rate which is   sad right, so make sure there are some affiliate programs that you are blogging about.

When your   website is so another example let's say you are making a website about yoga right doing yoga stuff   right so make sure there are some courses there are some training courses online because of Corona.

Pretty sure there are many online courses selling really fast so make sure there are some   affiliate networks that you can make some sales and get some commission search yoga affiliate programs.

Program you can see uh there are some even posts about it top 10 yoga affiliate programs   to promote so we can see Imean so in this way you can make sure there are some affiliate programs and you can promote within your niche website.

So this is there are so many keywords as well   so uh yeah this is the procedure to find affiliate programs within your niche. Type your niche here and   then affiliate programs easily and the fifth biggest tip is make sure your niche is not season right.

Let's say if you are making a website about something christmas right and that means   people will buy uh on christmas time right because christmas is not uh every day right.

So and the other time so website traffic goes down and the sales goes down and everything goes down   only in the season time it goes up so make sure your niche consistently gets traffic and   people are buying in the entire year.

These mistakes are really common mistakes but it's okay   to make mistakes right but when you know this and then you will not make that mistake and you can   save a lot of money and you can save a lot of time as well for thatIcan give you an example.

Let's say you are making a website about skiing right so your niche is skiing you are gonna talk   about uh skiing equipment but the thing is these websites do not get traffic mean not much traffic and people are not buying skiing equipment in the summer time right so you need to know what that means.

It's okay I’m not saying you should not do it but if you expect to get traffic in the entire year and if   you would like to have more sales in the entire year when you choose a niche about skiing that means.

You will not get much traffic and you will not get much sales in the summertime right to see it   even you can use google trends right now so you can see there are some things people are searching in the entire year or not okay so now.

I’m gonna put skiing equipment so it's as a   search term so this is what I was talking about so you can see this trend is going up   100 it's january 19th right here and getting more I’m getting more right and then here.

it is june you know because it's the summertime right and these times are summer times coming   and then normally it is when it is like here normally it is now its cool it will go again upwards like this so november and then.

It is building the trend again trending   building the trend and then it is going up so these times are the winter time so we need snow right to ski so here we have the good trend and here here we don't have a good trend because.

It's a summer time so traffic and sales will go down these times some people will   buy it because some skiing equipment uh stores are putting the prices down so if some people are buying it that's why otherwise normally skiing equipment goes up in the winter time.

So uh fifth sixth uh 56 what I’m saying sorry sixth tip is this is a really a   general uh thing when you want to choose your niche choose something you like right because.

If you are the one I presume that you are the one who makes content right and if someone else is doing the content it's okay but if you have no passion or if you don't like the niche   that means it is actually going to be difficult for you because you have to continuously make content and.

Let's imagine when you have to talk about something which you don't like sothink   it's not a good idea but if it is okay then you can go with any niche. Sorry my neighbor just rang the bell soIwas talking about skiing english right.

so If you have a plan that you are gonna pay someone to make content that's fine right you   can do any niche he or she writes the content and then you just publish right but like said   beforeIthink.

You are a beginner so that means you don't have a maybe probably you   don't have a big budget probably you don't have a team or you don't have people to write your   content so make sure you like your niche so actually that makes sense right because   likeIsaid.

You have to continuously make content. I'm saying it again and again. Sorry for that. Okay, I think seventh yeah seventh step soN would like to do some keyword research   to do the keyword research using key search.

It's a really simple and a cheap tool. There is a link   in the description. You can check it out and it is going to be my affiliate link and if you buy   through my linkS will get a few dollars as commission and.

These commissions help me to make more content   about internet marketing for free also there is a 30% discount and that's a good thing right so   to make sure to do some keyword research and.

You see right away means not maybe right away but   when you do a little bit like 30 minutes at least 30 minutes then you can see some uh opportunities   they are maybe they are not going to be like 5000k or 2000k searchers or 10 000 searches.

But at least   there are some searches that can make content about less competitive keywords so that is   going to be a good thing because you should know uh there are some opportunities right awayIknow.

It is kind of related to the first thing. The thing is your niche can not be health or wealth or   relationship whatever it is but your niche still can be competitive right now.

It's a good thing to   do your keyword research and what kind of things people are searching. What kind of opportunities do you have to make your content okay sothink did not talk a lot and wanted to make this video   not that long anyway.

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