How to grow new website in 2020

This website is really really new This website has zero backlinks. This website has two articles. One article got the first page already and it won the google snippet as well.

This website is around maybe three weeks old. Yeah maybe less than that for sure. So the key is do the keyword research in the right way especially at the beginning.

I mean because you have no authority right ? You have no backlinks. So now you guys are on my webmaster tool. Sorry that I had to blur the website name because I don't want any competition because you know, yeah so if I reveal the website.

And you know the website will be messed up, you know, people, there are people waiting to build some like spam links and you know so I don't need any of that.

Just another thing is I'm actually building this website for a case study. So subscribe so you will see the growth of the website in the future for sure so the website has no clicks because it's really really new and it has only two pages right ?

And also 25 total impressions website generated it says 30.1 average position because there are some other keywords that are like trying to rank for these two articles and which I actually didn't plan.

But anyway this is why it says 30 so the average position is 30. So I will untick total impressions so we can clearly see the position also the rankings pop up from July 1st right and so today's date is 7th of July.

So actually one week ago it popped up on the search. So it pop-up at the first position which is you can see position number one which is really nice it's really and.

Then it went to 47 because the website is really new like it was two to three weeks ago and this is why and then but remember it has so zero backlinks and then it went to 59 because the website is new and it's a new website for Google and then it went to position number one.

It's so exciting to see it and then it went to position number five and then it went to position number three so it will come back for sure because this is the new website and then it's kind of a Google dance.

So i'm not worrying about it because it will come back for sure okay this is uh this is the keyword you guys cannot see it it's kind of kind of stupid to show it like this because.

I cannot reveal the keyword and I have to reveal I have to cover everything. I'm really sorry about it so you can see so July 1st so it pops up so that is okay . How did I do that like I said before? It is all about the keyword research since you have zero authority.

Zero backlinks you don't have much content start from the beginning that means don't go crazy and target so competitive like maybe a thousand two thousand maybe ten thousand searches you know those keywords do not go after those keywords since your website is really really.

New so start from the beginning target like small searches maybe uh when you target small searches but google suggests these keywords and when you put this into keyword tools and keyword tools say that there are no searches.

So you see row searches but that is not the truth if google suggests you that keyword that means someone is looking for that right someone someone has type those keywords on google search now i'm on google i'm gonna show you.

how to find these keywords so the point is uh you need to win google's trust okay so do not target like thousands of thousands of searches first when you start I mean at the beginning we can go for like keyword there is no article there are no articles for that there are no content specific for that keyword right.

So this is the point and the other thing is these keywords are not money keywords so these keywords don't have a commercial value so that's our opportunity.

Okay you what you can do is go to google and then type okay i'm just doing this example right I don't want to reveal my niche websites for sure so let's say we'll do.

We will find something about baseball okay so it's baseball baseball plumb is file sorry baseball and then I type ah right not r sorry that is german that is yeah so is baseball type a and then and then google gives you these options right so normally what I have heard you know.

So google never mentioned this enough proposed question get more uh traffic okay so more you go down less traffic you get from these keywords but the point is not getting like we don't need to get thousands of traffics right.

We just need to win google trust so we can rank the first uh first articles for lower searches okay so let's say okay it's baseball a dying sport trusting it's baseball dying okay yeah exactly it's a quora coming here it's baseball dying sport in usa the thing is these are.

The signs you can go for okay so you can see korra here we'll go down and then you can see reddit okay so when you see forearms cora and reddit right and that's a good sign so if quora and reddit uh if they are ranking for these keywords that means.

It's a less competitive keyword yeah it is a less competitive keyword for sure so there is a good chance we can write it but try to find keywords no one have not written before okay at the beginning you will say oh no that is not possible.

But it is actually the thing is it is possible okay so some other stuff are actually ranked you can see the thanks to li blah blah blah tiger you can see it is not even targeting our questions and then maybe that's supposed to die in sports strong.

Okay so few articles are there and you can go for these articles and see what kind of contents they have okay I just uh activated the most bar anyway now on the website you can see the page authority is 34 da is 60 yeah.

So you can also use that as well. Maybe we will search something else on facebook . Whatever okay this one season sports what sports are played in some baseball at summer olympics. Why is baseball so much what's good so you can do this until you find something actually.

You can do this I mean I had the first first time when I was doing this I was like hey really can we do it like this but uh so you can see they have a target so baseball is not context for this answer is there it's baseball or context.

Okay maybe you can find this was a load contacts export contacts level maybe you can type why baseball is the best sport hardest sport harder than football the soft pull harder than baseball that is not baseball softball nope.

Why baseball is harder than okay so you you know what i'm doing right I mean you can find this stuff and why drinks are why hitting a softball is harder than anything why waste for it's harder than software you see okay so like

There are millions of options right now and I will show you with the tool as well it's not an expensive tool with this tool we can do many things so I just did a search dji tips for beginners and you can get the software it is.

It will be around uh I think 13 14 like this okay I will put the link in the description you can use my affiliate link as well so uh I will get like few dollars yeah I appreciate.

dj tips for beginners uh search okay here so here is the thing is when you need to do google suggestions you have to actually go one by one right but when you have a tool like this especially this tool it's not expensive anyway.

You can see all the data here right so what I do is try to find the d a and the pa and the links as well right do they have the keywords in the url and description like this so.

I can see one website has only page authorities nine and the da authorities only five right and it has 22 links i'm pretty sure these websites are really new so that's a good sign normally when I see uh 20 like under 20 websites ranking that means I can go for it as well okay but like I said.

If you can find the topic no one is actually targeting that is much much easier okay because you need to trust you need to get the google's trust first okay because there is a sandbox and.

Then you have to wait to come out from the sandbox you know so um yeah so now I just open this one and you can see page authority is nine domain authority is five so that is ranking right so the next process is the next step.

What I do I get the domain name and then I go back not here I go to explore and then i click then I copy paste the domain and put it entire domain and then search okay wow okay so already 817 keywords ranking this website wow that is interesting anyway i've.

I have a few niche websites so I don't want to jump into this but if you if you watch this video go for it guys you know this you can see it's not that big a domain 10 backlinks anyway and then you can go to view keywords right leave keywords.

and then you can see the dj controller versus the mixer. This website is ranking for a lot of keywords and then go to these pages and see what kind of okay let's say what qualification do.

I need to be a dj. Let's open this. What kind of education do you need to be a dj owner exactly targeting these keywords so how much content does it have? We can just check okay count these words 1500 words okay not bad so when you uh go for these keywords.

And when you bring more content and like worth content you can see like there are 3000 views and there are so many keywords so this is the method you can use to build your niche website and you can save all the keywords in the excel file.

And then you can target or you can even go with the silo right so when you go with a silo it brings a lot of power to a page anyway so this is the tool so like.

Please take action guys yeah because you have to put this knowledge into action right otherwise you are not gonna see any rankings okay.

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