How to make a link tree on instagram because we can only put one link on instagram so when you use link three you can put five or six links in one place from one link right.

So that's why we are using link three. Let's go to the screen and I'll show you how to make a link tree on instagram type link tree like that and then go here oops where is that okay link three.

Okay you can get started for free and then you need to put your email address username password and register so let me um type something else honey month 2020 okay sorry at tutorial and then it is coming you can put your username.

So it looks like it's available. This is your main link right so this link is gonna appear everywhere so it's better to make it nice and short so i put the password and repeat password then.

I will click register once you click register the before screen you are coming here so i will put my name on the dice and then you need to select three categories i will select a brand business professional um business professional.

Okay just put this okay not a big deal but try to put something relevant somewhere okay nice okay and then tell that you are not a rubber traffic light okay and then verify and then save details okay so now these options are coming.

So what you get for free is what you get for pro okay so six dollars for one month so you can I mean from the beginning if you like to pay six dollar i mean it's okay to pay six dollars.

But you can always start with free and then upgrade to the pro plan okay so uh click to red is there two this is something interesting click-through rate is good to have integration with mailchimp okay complete customization of your link tree colors button font.

So at the moment i just click on continue with free because i can upgrade later continue so i did not uh confirm the link so verified click to my inbox okay verified just click the link and then continue.

Just go to your email and look for a email from link tray okay so now you can add new link so this is how it gonna appear okay so this is my username nemanthias okay and then link three logo is there i think i don't remember.

I mean if you have a pro plan this link will go out of your screen so yeah you can do this stuff later so add a new link okay so i will put um internet internet marketing okay maybe this will be a little bit long um let me check even later indian marketing youtube channel.

Or in the channel url okay you mount the dice get that link oops not that one and put the url you want the dice and see it is a little bit too long all right i mean.

I knew that but i just wanted to see how it looks like the good thing is you can always change this stuff okay so it's no stress quick and easy oh there you go and then you can just click it so this is how it looks like.

But you can see that there's no photo as well as appearance . Pick an image right okay. I would like to show it a little bit more. I think that is much better okay save and these are actually from a pro plan.

You can click it blah blah blah temporarily forward all visitors direct to a destination bypassing a link tree together and this one is the thumbnail if i remember yeah.

So you can have a thumbnail and this one priority link you can highlight your most important link you can schedule a link and here is your small analytics because it doesn't give you a lot of details but it even says more analytics available in pro.

These are actually most of are coming from pro plans so they are promoting pro plans there okay so you can click the link nice super so now i can go to instagram there you go and here is my current link because it just goes to my facebook page.

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