How to use Keywords Everywhere Tool for YouTube 2020

How to use keywords everywhere tool for youtube. Yes heard right, that's why you have found this article right ? anyway so uh maybe you have chosen this tool.

Or maybe you are going to buy thistool or you have already bought this toolkit that is working with the credits, right? so you just have to pay ten dollars for like 100,000 credits.

and you can use it for months. You can use this tool because you have to just switch on when you do the keyword research right? and then you are not spending your credits just so that's how it works anyway.

So keywords everywhere tool it's a plugging actually plugging extension i don't know what you call it but it was free and uh so now we have to pay for it yeah that's okay.

How to use keywords everywhere for youtube right so the thing is keywords everywhere tool it's for keyword research right it is not only for youtube it's it's so you can use any kind of keyword research.

I think i need to get it a little bit down because otherwise you cannot see this yeah okay so when you install keywords everywhere tool and uh it is freei mean to install right but to see the volume and the competition.

And all the other stuff you need to pay for it but it was freekeywords everywhere but now we have to pay for it but it's not that expensive anyway once you install it so it is coming here right and then you can see it is off right.

So what i can do is i can just switch on right and also you can see credits left right so i have like 94 000 something so this is the second time i put the money into this i think yeah and uh you can use for dislike hundred thousand credits.

For like maybe uhi think four or five months how many times you are using the keyword research how many keyword research you do for a week rightso what i have to show you another thing in keywords everywhere.

So when you click this and then you need to go to settings and then it is coming to this page rightso in this page i have actually covered my api so here actually i can highlight the volume right and the highlight pc okay.

highlight competition as well if i want i can set up like highlight the volumes more than 250 right so something like this so when it highlights it's the so this is the color i have put here's our website google search google search console and so much stuff amazon majestic and so much stuff and sometimes.

It is this one right your metrics in autocomplete suggestion drop down sometimes this is coming like this so you have to take this as well to get to like more details okay so now i just type bluehost review okay.

This is just an example let's say that you want to do bluehost review video on youtube right so why we are on google so the the point is if someone's searching on google that means they are also using or searching youtube as well right because the youtube is the second second largest search engine right.

And the other thing is sometimes when something is ranking on youtube it is ranking on here as well on google as well right okay in this for this term there is no any videos so you can see this green color right.

So i did that in the settings right so it is highlighting all the volume more than which have more than 250 searches right so 110 is not highlighted because it is less than 150 right when i do.

The data as well so this is this this show metrics in autocomplete solution this one okay you have to take this then they are coming here as well so let's say bluehost reviews reddit right so it has it says 110 and it says so.

If you want to do a ad on google it's saying it's like 2.10right two point two dollar and uh ten cents right and this one is the competition right this one actually i don't do it much it is i don't believe in this the competition i don't believe to be honest right.

If you know what you do you don't have to depend on this matrix so even this channel when i'm doing this video you can see i have like 300 something like subscribers in my so nemanja dice channel soi always try to do the searches like low competition searches right.

So when you do the keywords research with keywords . have to go with low searches don't go with like 10k 8k 5k and 15 000searches right because they are big fishesso but the thing is you need to start from the low authority right so so i'm a seo specialist and i'm a webmaster as well so i do this stuff every every freaking day.

if you want to do keyword research with keywords everywhere for youtube i mean it doesn't have to be keyword keywords everywhere at all doesn't matter which keyword you told you use but you have to go with low authority like low competition low search keywords.

When your channel right when your youtube channel is new right because you have zero backlinks you have zero authority so you have to start from the beginning right and then step by step and then you can target for little bit higher keywords okay.

So in this how to use keywords everywhere for youtube video i'm gonna show you another thing so the people you can see people also search for right so when you do the keyword keyword research with your youtube video and.

Then when you make the video you need to put tags right so try to go through these right there are so many right because these are exactly what people are searching for and use them only when it is relevant because that doesn't work and doesn't make sense.

So go with the lower searches right so if you want to do how to use keywords everywhere tool for youtube first one i'm repeating maybe again sorry if i'm repeating again go with low searches this is definitely big.

I will go with a blue hose loof review for blogging. Maybe this has no volume at all umoh it went off okay that's a little bit strange sometimes it happens doesn't matter okay so now you can see bluehost reviews for blogging.

There's a keyword right yeah there's a keyword but it has zero volume right but the thing is don't go crazy with this any kind of keyword research tools because they are not hundred percent correct oh no okay.

I have websites and when i target that keyword the keyword tools keyword tool said ithas i think i used href yeah for that video that website when i make it so when i use href and it said it has zero volume right but.

It is so every day this blog post gets and brings traffic but it's not true you know so don't go crazy with the keywords tools so when it says zero that means it's not real i mean okay because if google suggests something like.

This means people are searching okay especially when it is your youtube channel is really newlike you have few subscribers maybe you have100 subscribers 200 subscribers doesn't matter maybe you have 1000subscribers but go with the low volume.

At the beginning right and then you need to add relevant tags to your video right you can see it people also search for that's how you can use keywords everywhere for youtube so this is how you can use keywords everywhere tool for youtube.

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