How to use a Tube Buddy for Youtube 2020

How to use a tube buddy but I have to tell you something first: it doesn't matter whether you are using a good seo tool for youtube or doesn't matter if you are paying 500 for a tool for one month.

You have to make your video great, you have to give a good value to the people, so when you use tubebuddy right you can find good keywords and you can rank your youtube video.

If people are not watching that much longer I mean if people are just bouncing in from your video algorithm triggers that don't make any uh cheap quality videos I mean you don't have to buy like 2 000 3000 worth equipment.

You can just make your video with your iphone or android whatever you have but give a great value that's the thing right so if you are watching this video and if you are watching longer that means I have given you a good value right.

So this 's how it works but if you are just going away from the video after 20 seconds or one minute right and the video is long maybe 15 minutes long and youtube algorithm knows that those stuff algorithm can see and then your video gonna go down doesn't matter whether.

You are using tubebuddy so with that big tip I'll show you how to use a cube body. Let's go to the screen okay now I’m on my channel so there's a video called how to rank new websites on google first page so why I’m showing you this video.

Because I did the keyword research with tubebuddy to rank this video higher and I knew it was a good opportunity because of tubebuddy I would like to give you a great tip so when your channel has less subscribers and uh when your channel is really really new that means.

You don't have a big authority right so youtube doesn't know you youtube doesn't know your channel right so when you are going when you are making new content target long tail keywords okay so this is the keyword.

I was targeting to rank that video okay so how to rank new website on google first page when I click it you can see my video at third place right so this is the video I just showed you before on my channel sometimes it is fifth position.

Sometimes it is in the fourth position but it is always at the top right but make sure I mean if you are making a garbage video I mean you have that doesn't work right because the youtube algorithm triggers.

Those things are right so make your content great and also before you make any videos open tubebuddy and see what are your opportunities to rank that video on youtube okay so once you install tubebuddy tubebuddy appears here okay.

So it's a chrome I’m using now chrome browser it's a small chrome extension so click this one and then you can click it here or you can click it here so launch keyword explorer now and now I will show you my that long tail keyword.

Which I ranked so when you type a keyword tubebuddy gives you it from youtube right so how to rank new website on google first page I will click that so there are two tabs right.

So this one actually is related to your channel right so you can see I get uh not much view lowest video view count found in top ranking videos right I think that is me that's funny yeah that is actually me he's talking about.

So this one so this is my channel average we use for the last five videos so because I’m starting my channel again so I don't have a lot of views right so you can see the score above is specific to your channel right and the other tab is like overall.

This keyword isn't too competitive and has enough search volume to make it worth targeting. Click on the weighted tab above to see how your specific channel will likely perform for this keyword if I remember right.

You are not paying for tubebuddy you know you can always use tubebuddy tubebuddy free version right but the thing is you can't see this step I mean you cannot use this tab because it's a paid version right but this tab is so important because.

It is relevant to your channel because what you are talking in your channel you know let's say maybe you are talking something about gardening tips and then if you are trying to rank something else which is not relevant to your channel right I mean it's not that not that good.

Okay so you need to go here and you can see excellent right I get 82 from 100 points right and here is a search volume good and competition it's coming here and optimize optimization strength is here right because.

You can put your keyword in the title and in your description and also you can put that keyword as a tag as well and also so when you put a long tail keyword right because.

It is really narrow right but if I put rank new website let's say rank new website and you can see there are even many many suggestions okay so I will click that and I will just tell you what's the difference so you can see.

It is nine right because the search volume is really really big right it's almost here right so that means there are big authority channels targeting this keyword right and the other thing is I forgot to show you you can see what is ranking maybe.

My video is coming right somewhere else okay my video is coming here too as a 16th um search result on youtube so neil patel owns four videos of this from search result and I owns one of 40 search results right and there are 8.85 million total search results.

Which is crazy because internet marketing is minus so it is so competitive like all the big players are there okay and I will click on summary so this is why I put only rank new website because when you put like.

So when you put a main keyword like this right you can get video searches and web searches and video topics right so you can also click these and see what kind of uh score you can get right and then it tells you whether is it possible or is it is it a good idea to target that keyword.

So let's say web searches how long does it take for a new website to rank on google so this comes from google right so you can see this keywords coming from google search right oops what is that that's funny.

So here neil patel is also there A Href is there right so you can actually target those stuff as well so I will click this so it says good unweighted okay now you can see the difference right so it says excellent right excellent but according to my channel.

It says good so this tab says 87 and so this tab says 42 right because I don't get many views I don't have a lot of subscribers I don't have many many watch hours right now at the moment right now.

This is why this step is so important okay but it is so easy to use this tool right so competition here and even optimization strength is so much but the thing is you can see all the big websites uh sorry.

The youtube channels are right Chase Reiner is there really a good SEO guy I know so now you can see I don't have anything right I don't have any video in this search so in this 40 search results I don't have.

Any video ranking for that topic right but it is a little bit actually strange because this is a long tail a big long tail keyword I mean really really long right I mean there are words even one two three four five six seven yeah a lot of but the thing is now youtube is smarter youtube knows.

What it talks about right and here you can see the common video tags so you can include this in your video as well so how to rank on google how long does it take to rank in google right let's say this one how long does it take to rank.

So I can click that one so still says poor right wow she searched for him you can see the search volume is a lot right when there are so many searches for one month that means all the big authority people are going after that keyword right.

They have even targeted except keywords one two three four five six wow they are actually using so you can see exact matches in top results so 27 that's funny because everyone is targeting that keyword I mean exact keyword not I mean yeah.

So but I don't think uh this option is it's not a bad option I mean come on you can pay four dollar 50 cents for one month right you can do many you can do many many searches right but always remember.

It doesn't matter whether you are using Tubebuddy whether we are using I mean any tool right you have to make your content great right you have to deliver a good value right.

And also the other big factor is the thumbnail right thumbnail is a big role because that's first impression right so I will show you why I have let's say that keyword.

How to rank new website on google first page so maybe when people see this keyword in this video from this video and they will target the same thing so maybe I will lose my spot right there so what I have done.

I can give you another tip so when you go down when you go down right from the top to bottom my thumbnail right my thumbnail is coming up right it's actually pop-ups right because.

They are using same kind of tone right but href using another theme another torn and this guy using a black and background and this guy also using black background neil patel is using this color all the time but I like blue anyway but.

I have searched this before as well so I wanted to know what kind of uh thumbnails of first search results as so I i checked that as well so before so and then.

I decided okay so I should make my color blue and which takes more attention right so when people click my um video right so when my click through rate so ctr is high so youtube see it right when youtube see that and then youtube uh suggest to other uh users as well right but.

I have to uh keep people in my video a little bit longer you know there are so many factors right and there's a engagement rate and a few of them right so like I said before get tubebuddy and do the keyword research first right and then make.

The content make sure your content is great okay so that's it I hope you learned how to use tubebuddy and if you are watching this long I am happy about it for sure because most of people just watch three minutes and four minutes and.

They go uh somewhere else because youtube show some more suggestions relevant to uh what you are watching and then they click and they're going somewhere else it's great if you are still watching that means you are really into this so uh like.

I said make a great quality content great video right and give always give a good value so that's the whole key to get more subscribers I know you will say I don't you don't have even a thousand subscribers but I did not publish in years.

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