How to do the keyword research for Ecommerce website 2020

I’m gonna show you how to do the keyword research for your Ecommerce website. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to run paid advertisements or paid campaigns or you would like to get more traffic from organic search.

But remember always you have to do the keyword research first because you have to know what are the keywords you are targeting and there is another thing there is something called buyer keywords especially when it comes to Ecommerce websites.

So you are selling stuff from your website so there are buyer keywords and you have to really check these keywords before you target these keywords otherwise if you run a paid campaign that means you're gonna lose money.

I'll show you how to do the keyword research for your E-commerce website okay so first i will show you what are the buyer keywords to do that just simply uh search by keywords list on google.

And if you don't know what these details are, these details come from keywords everywhere, which is a not expensive tool. It's really a cheap tool.

I will explain how to do this but for this video we are doing another procedure okay so search by our keywords on google and there is a website right so uses 220 unknown buyer keywords.

But most of these keywords are like we know this but it's for me it's easier to show what are the buyer keywords in this way okay so imagine you have a Ecommerce website about mountain bikes okay just an example someone searching best mountain bike under 1000 right.

So that is uh by a keyboard there are so many you can see and this cable especially bonus so especially when we are buying uh info product or software or something like this there are so many websites there are affiliate websites and.

They want you to buy through their link so to do that they are giving a bonus as well so when someone is buying it they are adding a bonus so this is one of the really simple buyer keywords so they are searching for a bonus and the product name.

There was an interesting one I saw before okay this one is interesting okay because this one normally when we do the keyword research we actually exclude all the keywords which are free because.

When someone searches for something for free that means they don't want to buy it right they are trying to get it for free so when these people are coming to your website they are not doing anything because.

They will not buy something from you because they are already searching for something for free right but with this buyer keyword you can see buy one get one free actually the person who uses this keyword would like to buy it but.

They would like to buy one product and they receive two products so how simple is that okay and someone searching is cheap and cheapest there are so many you can check these keywords.

I’m not going through all the keywords then i think the video will be around two hours or three hours so this is also so how to get rid of so let's say as an example let's say you are in the past i will give you an example from my personal own experience in the past i had weight loss website right.

So this website is exactly talking about the face fat right someone is searching how to get rid of face fat right that mean they have a problem so they are looking for a solution so they are most likely to buy it right and.

There is a really common keyword set I saw okay so coupon coupon code discount for cheap promo promo code review review is one of the really really really famous keywords special.

So these stuff so coupon code discount cheap and promo and promo code so they are actually looking for a promotion code or coupon code because they like to buy it so that's why these are really non buyer keywords now i mean my keyboard tool i have a href as well it's another advanced tool.

I mean it's more expensive but this keyword tool is really a cheap one but uh it's but the quality is so great okay so i will put the link in the description so you can buy it and also i will include 30 discount so you can get it normally this flips normally.

This software is around i think 17 but when you use my coupon code and you can get it for like 13 for a one month let me show you this software so i have used mountain bikes as an example okay.

So i just put my seed keyword so that is the main keyword so let's say you have a mountain bike E-commerce website like i told you and your target audience your target market is your shop in united states right but you have to select your country.

Right or if you are shipping all over the world that's another case then you can put all locations but I’m pretty sure then actually uh competition will be a little bit more high but if you have a local store and if you are selling uh in one country then put choose your country.

And then select search okay and this is uh this is the trend and uh how many times how many people are searching this keyword on google so that's what it's coming here and here this is the most uh important thing because.

These are the 10 search results on google right so normally this is p a and d a the dpa called page authority d a call domain authority so domain authority so d a and p these are coming from a software called moss weather.

This website has authority backlinks i mean the big ones really quality backlinks and the normal links and uh are they saying are they mention the keyword in the title or in the description or in the url url right so when these are read okay.

It's more high right so that means this is high domain authority so they have a lot of stuff so they are doing a lot of things behind the scene right of course this is just a main keyword.

Yes i just wanted to show you okay these are big brand giant bicycles and it's another big brand mountain bicycles and Amazon okay so here we have this much so 623 keywords right and what you want to do is check these keywords right.

But you need to understand when you are starting you should start with less competitive keywords right because I think your website is new or your website doesn't have a big authority.

So you are trying to get some traffic from google right so that means you don't have much authority right i i presume okay so you need to target some easy ones before okay and then you can build some momentum right and.

Then when you are ranking for small keywords and then you can go to the next level normally when there are less competitive keywords the score is really low so we saw in buy a keyword list there was a keyword best right starting with best right.

So what I’m doing now is searching again and then i will go to filter and i will include best okay best only one filter okay so now we have so many best best right best mountain bikes under a thousand dollars best mountain bikes under 500.

This men's mountain bike so you can check this just like that press full mountain bike okay there are some easy ones you can see so let's say this keyword let's go to the search so these are the first 10 search results for best mountain bikes under 500.

So when you see green it's always good okay so the idea is 28 and we can open this website and see what they are doing there except okay so they're actually doing bikes clothing components electronics.

But the truth is if you have an Ecommerce website only about mountain bikes right normally you get more authority right so in this way whether your E-commerce website is more generic right more if you are talking.

If you are trying to sell everything on the website that means it is more it's going to be a little bit difficult for you if you are like amazon . That's another thing right so my strategy is go with less competition and try to sell and sell only one category like the main category.

So when it is talking so if you are selling only mountain bikes that's much better when you are trying to put everything in so clothing component electronics you know but the thing is i didn't i did not i didn't see this logo so geeky cyclist so that's why actually.

They are ranking so they are doing I’m pretty sure about bikes yeah true okay this is a good example I’m actually I’m gonna show you my strategy and they have done the exactly the same thing so this is why they are their website ranking at second place even there are 73 another 35 56 but.

They are ranking for um at second position we are doing something there is something called silo right so when you are building a silo i will explain it a little bit here when we do the keyword research.

You need to understand what is gonna happen. Why am I doing that way okay so let's say this is your home page right my okay this is your website home page right so you can see what they have done the same thing.

So they have categorized bike clothing components electronics right so they are so i don't know how many main categories you have in your E-commerce website okay so what you have to do is so these are the main categories.

Right let's say one two three and four right so when it comes to iso uh suspensions right so let's say this mountain bikes E-commerce website so they are selling suspensions and frames and breaks and everything right but there are you can see so i will put this keyword.

Which i would like to show you what is happening here i will put only suspension close so you can see there are full suspension and dual suspension i think they are the same thing and.

This is downhill and there is a front sun suspension and the back suspension and there is another call something called um there is something called what is all downhill neck not downhill um hard tail yeah i think that is the word hardtail.

So you can see hardtail mountain bikes right so that means there is only one one um suspension in the front right so when you are selling suspensions you can put all the sub categories here right there.

These are subcategories two and three and four right so this is the sus expansion page right so when you build your website like this it gives you a good uh signal to google right so this is my strategy right and it goes to the home page like this right.

So this is actually called a silo right so the next category has all their sub categories not going to be a perfect artist here takes a long time anyway so you need to do the same thing to all your main categories.

Okay and then you need to go through all these keywords right and then find and check what are these so what are the websites ranking right so what was the before keywords i don't remember yeah so this one okay so other thing is you can copy.

So you can open this website again and get this url and then put it back to the keyword tool. I'm sorry explorer. I'm gonna put a specific page and search okay so this is how we can check their rankings because it's not a big authority website.

It has i mean compared to other websites it has a low authority so you can see all the keywords that page is ranking right so in this tool there are so many 500 500 500 so in this way you know how to get these keywords right i mean.

You can click on export to csv or pdf let's say pdf so i will say um under 500 and download so you can see how you can see these keywords right 500 mountain bikes best modern bikes for 500 dollars this mountain bikes for under 500 a.

the best mountain bike for under 500 dollars 10 best mountain bikes under 500 and then what you can do is you can click so you can get those keywords so let's say this one i will copy and then you can quick difficulty check so you can add to 500 or not 500.

so you can add to uh 50 keywords here put it here I’m not gonna put all the keywords there and then you can just search right and then the tool is searching so you can see these are easy keywords.

I will click this one 23 so there are a little bit less authority websites yes so in this way you can collect these keywords you can go to that uh buy a keyword list right i show you before from google where you can find that one that is the website called niche.

Niche hacks right and then you can apply keyword research and then you can add these filters and see what other keywords available as buyer keywords so let's say promo filter there's nothing and cheap for sure there are keywords.

I’m pretty sure that one you can see there are many right. I will show you cheap womens mountain bikes and cheap full suspension mountain bikes so let's check that 34 so domino's already.

This one has 17 there is no even one authority link there are some there are some links like 11 links but doesn't i mean difficult to outrank this website okay it's a affiliate website for sure i can see the logo I’m pretty sure they are saying something in the bottom about affiliate llc yeah.

Affiliate disclosure so yeah online magazine for auto so this is one of the affiliate websites right so what you can do is you can put this url so copy that url and then you can go to explore remove the other one and put it search wow there are 709 keywords.

Wow this beginner full suspension mountain bike best full suspension mountain bike for the money wow there are so many best full suspension mountain bikes under 1500 wow i feel like to make a website about mountain bikes right now yeah so this is how you can do this.

keyword research for your E-commerce website i mean it's not difficult right but do the keyword research you can see it's not difficult at all right but do the keyword research you know and then you need to understand okay what are the big keywords those are the main keywords.

What are my? I will go back so what are my main categories in my E-commerce websites? Also you can make a blog right because I mean someone will say huh why are you making why you are talking about blogs right but.

The thing is when your website is new right it's always always good to get some trust from google okay but keep it in your mind these blogs are i mean not selling much because we are talking about how to stuff right it's like an informational post right but the good part is so.

when you have someone post and two posts three post four posts right and then you are making some authority right with your content right so with that content you can link for the relevant page right because these juice are coming because.

This juice is going everywhere. It's a good thing right. This is why a lot of people have blogs on Ecommerce websites but do the keyword research properly. I mean you can see it's not difficult at all, the good thing is I mean you can always go there.

Your competitor right and then put your competitors website url here and then see what they are ranking right so you can always put the entire domain like this so that big one that the specific page has 709 keywords right so let's say to the entire domain search wow that's good.

So you can see there are 7996 keywords ranking with this website crazy so what you can do is like i told you before you can do the same thing with your website right check what they are ranking and do not go crazy with the competition.

I mean don't start with like big big ones right from the beginning and then go to the next level okay now you know how to do the keyword research for your Ecommerce website always remember you have to do the keyword research.

First because you have to know what are the keywords you are going after if you like internet marketing.

If you have a question you can comment below and I will reply to all your questions.


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